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I wish you’d left me, 
I wish we never met,
I wish you’d let the bullet
Drive straight thru’ my chest,
I wish you’d let the glacial rope 
Hug the hope off my throat. 

I wish you never cared,
You could’ve saved yourself. 
You could’ve watched from afar and learnt
I couldn’t eschew death. 
I wish you never loved, 
My problem could be solved. 

I wish you were aware
Your help would only cause me pain,
But since you saved me there
I’d rise and fall again and again.
I wish your wish for me
Comes true, then probably, 
I wouldn’t have to write these poems 
So you’d bury them beside me. 

Written by: Damilola Yusuf


Guest Post: Lost

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You spent many years
Living among these people
But do they care, do they even know you? 
They do not seem to see you weep, 
Wishing you’re a perfect kid,
Which of course would never be.

They’d never recognize your good deeds,
You’re tagged a failure 
And it’s all you can be. 
They broke you unknowingly
Yet wouldn’t help you rebuild, 
They scold you for being weak, 
Yet never plan to aid you.

To them you’re a stranger, you’re something new, 
You are a seed they have never seen. 
Stay alive, you will thrive, 
They’d find and learn to love you. 

Written by: Yusuf Damilola


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You see darkness, 
I see blue, 
I see wishes coming thru’.
You fear the shadows, 
Shadows, my friends,
Shadows, show me how I could’ve ended. 
You see clouds,
I see the stars, 
Tiny twinkles, brightens my heart.

In the cold you freeze, 
I listen to the breeze. 
It’s placid tales never ceases.
You see ghosts, 
I see lost souls, 
With another chance to find their homes.

You see an end, 
I see a tunnel, 
Through which I must walk to the light ahead. 
You see wastes,
I see hope, 
I see promises from the day that awaits. 

Written by: Yusuf Damilola


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I was once a faultless kid,
Carefree about what tomorrow brings.
All I needed was food to eat, 
Friends to play with
And a bed to sleep.
I bragged of millions I’ve never seen, 
Of imminent fame with other kids, 
We sailed on imaginary ships, 
The street harbored the richest kids. 
Funny it was how teachers made it seem 
Like future was just a boy on a swing.
It hurt when I stopped wishing myself sweet dreams 
And transited into the reality.

I heard my buddy was kidnapped,
I felt it was fake, merely a lie. 
He was also a rich kid in my gang, 
We both rode the swing, with future by our side.     
I waited for years but even as I write, 
My rich pal is yet to arrive. 

I had friends that’d once said.
“When the world comes to an end,
We’ll fly together out of earth,
We’ll fly to heaven in our private jets
And keep them in our mansions there.”
The first by a car was knocked dead 
And the other, years after took a bullet in his head. 

I’ve seen friends more brilliant than I ever was,
Roam the streets without aims, no impact yet no faults,
I’ve seen those who thrive effortlessly,
Drowning to the treasures preserved beneath the sea. 
I’ve seen friends more prayerful than I ever could be 
Denied of desired peace and immersed in misery.

I could be among those today has saved
But I know not what tomorrow says. 
Maybe I’ll live or be killed, 
Maybe I’ll into sorrow sway.
Of course no one wishes himself pain,
But it isn’t what we say or choices made, 
The steps we take or how much we pray. 
It’s life, it’s called Grace.

Written by: Damilola Yusuf


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The pounding in my heart begged my feet to hurry
Hurry away from the danger I had got myself into
The flight mode has been activated
My survival instinct had kicked into high gear.

The twilight mocked my escape attempt
The absence of the moon smirked at me
Mother Nature was not on my side tonight.
She has frowned upon my defiance.

I could hear the running footsteps herding close towards me
I panicked and looked around for an escape route
But, all I could see was the grim forest, waiting to devour me.

I am stuck between my assailants and the forest
“Make sure you capture her alive, you heard what the Baba said” the wind carried the words to me.
I recognized the voice. His voice. Fear clamped down on me, as it dawned on me that there was no escape  for me from this manhunt.  If only I had listened when I had been warned.

Written by: Okusun Mercy


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 Deep in the darkness I sit alone, 

Waiting for a heart I could call my own, 

I am not tired, neither am I weak

I’m just not sure to whom I should speak. 

’cause I count every word, every sigh and every breath, 

I’m an introvert, I was made one by birth. 

I search effortlessly, leaving no stone unturned from my own small corner, I search through souls untouched. 

I can’t withstand the pressure, 

I can’t endure the pain, I’d become extremely nervous, terrified as though being hunted.

I was born a loner, the unknown, unwanted. 
Written by: Damilola Yusuf

Guest Post-Ambushed 

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Miss Queen strode in, her beauty was priceless. Her face, well lit as though she was a princess,

she stared into my soul with her eyes of ruby. Eyes of a demon, eyes of treachery. 

She took my hand in hers, it was cold as ice, an eerie smile on her face, sent a chill down my spine.

Her lips were alluring but her intentions, evil. She peered through my eyes, the urge to kindle.

In a moment we were together, in the dead of the night. Though darkness lurked around her face shone bright. 

She was an exquisite being, she owned such a gleam. I could never resist, but she was death deep within. 

I sensed danger but wanted to remain with her, she asked for a kiss and I could’ve turned down the offer.

But I did not and she had the chance to rip out my heartand because she was a demon, left me to die. 

Written by: Oluwadamilola yusuf