Shattered Hope: The Past 

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Episode 3Four days later

Staring at my reflection in the full length dressing mirror, I smile sheepishly. Oh! What a wonderful morning, a morning that has indeed come with joy. 

My eyes rove over my reflection in the mirror and I have to admit I love what I see.

The night I told him about the pregnancy was an emotional night. He stared at me in shock when I first broke the news to him, he didn’t blink nor utter any word, the next instant he burst into tears and knelt before me.

 I was flagger basted, that obviously wasn’t the reaction I was expecting. He wrapped his arms around my waist and apologized earnestly. I couldn’t resist asking him the question that has been on my mind since that awful night.

 Why did you rape me? I asked him He bowed his head in shame and couldn’t meet my eyes…he was quiet for a while that I thought he had fallen asleep. He gave a shuddery sigh before speaking, without looking at me.

 “I know you won’t believe me but I have never raped a lady before” he began, in his accent that I love so much. “I don’t know what came over me that night and I just knew I had to make you mine.” He finished.

“Remember when you told me that the only man to sleep with you would be your husband?” he asked me, I nodded slowly, I didn’t think he would remember the conversation we had in our early relationship days.

“I was scared you would turn me down when I ask you to marry me” he said softly, I placed my left hand on his shoulder, willing him to look at me. “I want this baby, Deola” he said, I smiled when I heard his pronunciation of my name, Di-oh-la. He kissed my stomach and I couldn’t help but feel touched.

 Staring at my reflection while I recall that night, made me smile. There has been in a change in him after that night, he has become the man I fell in love with. Oh! I feel like his wife now.

He has been attentive to me, even taking time out of his busy schedule to have lunch with me at my office. Last night, he confided that he hopes the baby is a girl, a baby girl that would look just like me. I giggled at his flattery.

Our marriage really began after that night…I smiled as I turned away from the mirror and walked across the room to turn off the air conditioner. 

I heard the blast of the car honk and exclaimed. He had been waiting for me in the car. I hurriedly turned off the light switch, picked up my hand bag and walked out of the bedroom, closing the door behind me.

I realized the rain was drizzling as soon as I walked out the front door, I walked hurriedly to the car park and got into his car. He turned his attention away from his iPad and gave me a cold stare. I smiled in return, hoping to ease the tension.

It all happened in a daze, he lifted his left hand and gave me a slap across my cheek.

I stared at him in shock, ‘You kept me waiting’ was all he said, before he reversed out of the car park and drove out of the gate.

Written by: Okusun Mercy



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Episode 1

The proposal came unexpectedly, I am still reeling from the proposal shock. I can’t believe it…I choose not to believe it. 

The white gold engagement ring, which felt heavy on my finger, is the stark proof that he did propose to me.

My younger sisters have been “ooh-ing” and “aah-ing” over the engagement ring.

If only they knew!

It has indeed been a night of utter surprise, who knew a date night would turn into a proposal night. My mother can’t stop beaming, as her first child and daughter, she is excited to know that I am getting married. 

As I stare at her smiling face, it dawned on me that I haven’t seen my mother smile in a while, since she lost her husband, my father. Her infectious laughter threatens to contaminate me, but I refuse to celebrate in this sham engagement.

My mother noticed I wasn’t smiling, she raises her eyebrow in question at me, and I shrugged in reply. I gave her a little smile and looked down at my finger where the ostentatious ring rested. The ring seems to be mocking me, it seems to say: this is the price for your silence.

The humiliation burns as the images threatens to erupt, I close my eyes to prevent it. I am not strong enough, the images spills from my memory and flashes across as tears rolled down my face.

“Deola” I heard my mother’s soft worried voice call out to me.

“Are you alright?” she asked in concern, I opened my eyes and our gazes locked. I saw concern in her brown eyes, she looked worried and scared. I parted my lips to speak, but no sound came forth.

How do I explain? How do I tell her? I asked myself these questions as her worried eyes roved over my face. My younger sisters had been alerted to my present state and I watched their happiness dim slowly.

“Sister Deola, are you alright?” Bisola, the youngest, asked. I sighed and closed my eyes in shame.

How do I tell them?

How do I tell my mother that her future son-in-law…

… Raped me.

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#Diary of an Abused Wife.


Written by Okusun Mercy.



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 It is past one a.m and I can’t sleep, the electrical supply has been fluctuating…thanks to yours truly: The ancient power holding company.

I know he is asleep right now and I miss him. We had another argument and he was quick to point out that we argue every night. 

How can I explain to him that arguing with him is the only way I feel I can get his attention? I am sure he is regretting the decision he made to stay with me.

We have a child now, but he still won’t propose. I am scared that he will never propose and someday, he may get married to another woman.  

Every time, I look at my baby boy… My heart aches for him. Our love child, my precious jewel, his secret and illegitimate reminder.

Oh yes! His secret… Have I told You he doesn’t want anyone to know we have a child together? You know I keep wondering why he would keep the child he claims to love so much a secret from his family?

I am confused…disoriented…de-stabilized…not functional.

He is my first and only love and I feel like I’m losing him

What do I do?

How do I make the father of my child see me as a woman worthy to be with?


#Diary series

#diary of a faithful partner


Written by: Okusun Mercy

SCARS-Part 4 (The Finale)

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Emaciated and immersed in futile strive
Wedlock broken, soul sunken
Now scarred, his face sullen
Obinna sat trying to contrive

Sleep was torment beyond words; grim
With Lucifer and lady Karma mocking him
Like melting wax, redemption became slim
Desperately, he sought to get a grip

He found a bitter remedy
Amidst the counsel of sages
The way of the dog,death of egos
So he’d search for first love earnestly

Finding her a memory was the last straw
his tears made even the devil sober
Life could take him no lower
Wanting no more, he called for death’s claw.


Written by:Daodu Deji Cornelius
Witty Quill 2016.

Empire Season 2 Set To Premiere On Wednesday

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The biggest breakout hit Empire, is back for season 2 and it’s going to be better than ever.

If season one was about who gets the throne, season 2 is about warring kingdoms.

Rather than try to outdo themselves in season 2, the producers made sure they did not lose what made empire such a big hit in the first place, and that included not overdosing on big name cameos.

Empire premieres Wednesday at 9/8c on Fox.

Which team are you on??? #teamcookie# or #teamlucious#