Guest Post: Finding the meaning of a word (Beauty, beautiful) 

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The words: beauty and beautiful are no strange words to the human race, I mean they’ve been used since as far back as man came into existence. 

Remember when God looked at all he had made and said everything was beautiful? Yeah you do. I really don’t have issues with the word itself but the way it’s being used nowadays is quite interesting.

 I want you to look around you as you read and see how many people are beautiful, its hard to really judge right? You probably wanna know why? Well its because the word has no essence on it’s own. 

I mean it’s defined along theborders of various yardsticks, most of which are irredeemably subjective. Let me refresh your memory a little bit. 

You must have heard, times without number, this cliché ” beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.” Alright, here’s the thing, when a guy comes over and tells you “you are beautiful”, how do you know that you and him use the word the same way? Think about it. 

 According to Ludwig Wittgenstein in his work(scholarly paper) “The Language Game”, where he argues that language is like a game whose rules one must master before effective use can be achieved, the real meaning of a word is in the mind of its user, (there we go) so the problem of definition is engendered right there. 

I once stumbled on a poem that reads ” you are beautiful as the stars in heaven” (Really?) Okay, but we need to analyse this. I know, I know what you are about to say ” it’s a poem”, “nature is beautiful”, (long face activated) bla bla bla. 

I get that but what if the reader is not a fan of stars, what if it’s tornado instead that appeals to him or her that would mean that they (writer & reader)are not on the same wave-length.

Let’s consider another vantage point on the same issue. Life is marked by time (think of centuries) and each period (generation) has it’s own ideology that shapes it’s world view. 

The way fashion in the 16th and 18th centuries is different from what is obtainable in the 21st century. So also, the way beauty was defined back then is not the way we see it now. 

These concepts are in a constant state of flux. There was a time when the whole tall dark and handsome (TDH fever) gripped ladies and it was chick for them. At a time it was all about abs (Six pack fever).

These yardsticks have been used by women as a standard for judging men. There was a time when BBW (big bold nd beautiful) was chick though but in this current dispensation, two kinds of women really get a man’s attention; the slim ones and the thick ones. So tell me, is the word beautiful still one and the same??

  The quest of finding the meaning and true essence of a word can be an herculean task, so often times than not, we stick with assumptions borne out of ideologies, as strong as the Empire State building, that have guided our lives from the outset. 

I’m no expert but trust me, next time someone uses the word on you, you won’t too eager to blush.  

Written by: Daodu, Deji Cornelius.




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trial of a married woman


Bosun laid on the bed, dressed in a gown provided by the hospital, her
mind was racing with thoughts, Could it be true? She was in shock! She
dragged herself to a sitting position, the door to her room opened and
the doctor stepped into the room, he gave her a smile, “How are you
feeling?” He asked

Bosun stared at him, “I’m still in shock” she
replied, He laughed and said “yes, I know… Well, your husband is
here” Bosun’s eyes widened and her lips parted, Deji walked into the
room, walked to her bed and just stared at her. “You scared me” He
told her finally, Bosun lowered her eyes “I’m sorry, I…” She paused.

Deji sat on her bed, “No, I’m the one who’s sorry, I shouldn’t have
allowed Mami come between us”
“Oh Deji!” She exclaimed softly, “I’m glad it happened”. Deji stared
at her in astonishment, he turned to the doctor ” are you certain
she’s ok?” He asked, the doctor smiled in reply “I’ll leave you alone”
the doctor said, as he began to walk out of the room, he paused and
turned to them “don’t forget to tell him” He told Bosun, she smiled as
Deji asked “tell me what?” The doctor left and closed the door behind
him. “Tell me what?” Deji asked again, tension seeping into his voice,
“Are you hurt?”He continued, She shook her head, “thank God” he
muttered. “Why did you leave home like that?” He asked her, Bosun sighed
and sank back into the piled pillows.

After she had bolted from the sitting room, she found her way to the
toilet and spilled the contents of the breakfast she had, she rinsed
her mouth and sat on the floor, the nausea was slowly subsiding. She
felt tired, she could hear faint noises from the sitting room, she
tried to shut her mind down but it wouldn’t shut down, she stood up,
rinsed her face and walked out of the toilet, she went into the
bedroom and laid on the made bed, she rubbed her stomach as she felt
the nausea rising again, Oh God! When would this torment end??? Its
been five years now, she thought. She slept off.
Bosun woke up slowly, she yawned and blinked, she pulled the blanket
off her, wait! She didn’t cover up with the blanket before going to
sleep. She sighed because she knew her husband had been in the room,
she sat up and her eyes fell on a paper with her name on it, she
picked it and read the note. Great! She thought happily, she wore her
slippers, left the room and left the house.

“That’s all I remember” she said, ” I don’t even remember how I got to
the river”.  Deji looked at her, ” You should have trusted me”
he told her.   “Oh! You know I do trust you, I just didn’t want to
make you choose between your mother and I” she replied. Deji chuckled,
“its not funny” she said with a frown. Deji sobered, “ok, I’m sorry”
he agreed.

Bosun began to smile, then laughed as tears fell from her
eyes, Deji became alarmed, “sweetheart, talk to me” he told her
softly. She gave a shuddery sigh, “oh Deji, God has finally done it,
he has wiped away my tears of shame and sorrow”. He still looked
puzzled, she held his hands and drew closer to him “I’m five weeks
pregnant” she whispered. Deji thought he heard wrong, “say that again”
he croaked, Bosun laughed, “I’m pregnant, at last” she said louder.
Deji’s laughter rang loud, he went on his knees and began to thank
God, Bosun smiled at the sight before her. Deji stood up and hugged
her, “I love you” he whispered, Bosun sighed contentedly, yes!  She
was happy at last.




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It is a fine evening here in the city that never sleeps and I’m sending warm greetings like gentle breeze to everyone out there in the world.

Today, my piece is centred on a debate: Can’t you love two people or cultures equally? I really do wonder. Here are my thoughts…

Show me crime in loving two

If I give all of me to both

Giving neither a reason to loathe

Tending the pair, so none has reason to sue

I have room enough for two

To love you and you too

Reliving the Tetuila dilemma (Tony Tetuila)

Thoughts unclear like bad signals to an antenna

There will be no lady in right or wrong

Just two singers in one happy ending

The world can mock my folly

Eyes set on my task solely

My hybrid heart is well bred for two lords

Wearing fitting apparels suit their need

To deride me will turn out a futile bid

On this sparsely tread, I fear no sword.



Written by Daodu Deji. 


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Mrs Imoh stared at Bella coldly as she returned to the kitchen, Bella sighed and closed her eyes as she leaned against the counter. She couldn’t understand her throwing up episodes.  Bella gasped as she remembered her Mother-in-law; “I’m so sorry, Ma” she apologized, bowing her head.

“What’s wrong with you?” Mrs. Imoh asked indifferently. “Don’t you have any manners? Couldn’t you excuse yourself before retching like an animal that is regurgitating?” Bella bowed her head in shame, “I’m sorry, Ma” she repeated.

“Please keep your sorry to your sorry self, tell Josh to call me or come home when he returns” Mrs. Imoh left the kitchen, few seconds later, the front door opens and closes. Bella exhaled slowly. She was absolutely certain that her husband’s Mother didn’t like her. Bella walked slowly to the sink and began to rinse the washed plates. She kept in mind that she had to talk to her husband about his Mother.



“Would you like to come in?” Bella asked him, he seemed pretty shook up. Josh tore his eyes away from his daughter and met Bella’s. He gave a nod, Bella stepped aside to allow him into her apartment. Josh walked in slowly, Bella closed the door and led the way to the sitting room. “Please, have a seat” Bella points to the sofa, she sets Pearl on her feet. Josh stared at the daughter he never knew he had, Pearl stared back at him with open curiosity. Pearl gave him a smile, while she leaned back against her mother’s legs. Josh took a look around the sitting room, it was cosy and homey. An ideal place for a child to be groomed…oh strike that thought, His child, he corrected himself.

“Why didn’t you tell me about your pregnancy?” He asked in a strained voice, Bella shrugged before taking her seat on the sofa opposite his. Josh reined in his temper, “did you really hate me to the extent of hiding my child’s existence from me?” Bella raised her eyes to his, “what’s with the pretense?” She asked him furiously, “she’s too young to understand, so you can quit acting ‘daddy'” she told him. Josh stared at Bella in confusion, “what are you trying to say?” He questioned. Bella sighed,”there’s no point going over it” she shrugged. Josh sits forward, “could you stop these mind games?” He asked irritably. Bella scoffed and shook her head, he is such a good actor. Pearl looks at Josh and back to her Mother, she frowns in confusion at their voices.

“Mama”she calls out, “yes?” Bella answers softly, “this?” Pearl asked, pointing at Josh. Josh observed the interaction between Bella and his daughter, with interest. “Her words are clear” Josh chirped in, smiling. Pearl raised her left eyebrow at her Father, as if she felt insulted. Bella chuckled at her daughter’s facial expression. Puzzled, Josh asked, “what have I done wrong?” Bella shakes her head in reply. Silence descends. “Hmmm” Pearl sighs, breaking the silence.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were pregnant?” Josh asked, Bella closed her eyes and willed for patience. “Why are you asking now?” Bella responded with a question. “Could you please not answer my question with your question?” Josh pleaded. Bella smiled sheepishly.

“What’s her name?” He asked. “Pearl” She replied. “Pearl Imoh?” He dared to ask. “Aren’t you her Father?” Bella replied. Josh grinned. Josh looked at his daughter again, “hi Pearl” he cooed, Pearl grinned openly, displaying her dimples and baby teeth, “huh” she replied, after hearing her name.

“She’s beautiful” Josh commented. Bella smiled in response. “But you still should have told me about your pregnancy before the divorce”. He stated. Bella stared at him with contempt, “please, drop it” she told him.

“Why?” He questioned. “I still can’t believe you are pretending to actually care about her” she retorted. “What are you talking about?” He asked in confusion. Bella closed her eyes and exhaled slowly. She opened her eyes and pinned his gaze with hers, “I’m talking about the fact that you didn’t want a child from me” she responded. Josh blinked twice, “what???!” He sputtered.

To be continued………………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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