Guest Post: Tales Of An Abused Niece

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Come little child, 
come be my bride. 
Let me expose you
to the wild side of life,
Let me bestow on you
a perfect prize. 

Lay on the sofa, 
be still, young Rhoda.
It will not hurt, 
try not to shiver, 
You could keep your eyes shut
so you wouldn’t whimper. 

Be still kid,
Separate your limbs. 
Do not be scared
while I immerse myself. 
It’s fun but you must learn
and it won’t hurt, I promise my dear. 


Written by: Damilola Yusuf


Shattered Hope

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Episode Finale 
I stare at my boss in confusion and sympathy, I have no idea how the accident is related to me or her. 
“There are no survivors,” She begins, “It was an head-on collision, apparently the trailer lost control and the driver of the private car was immersed in his iPad, he didn’t see the trailer on his path until it was too late.” She finishes. 

I could clearly picture the horrific scene, spilled with blood. I close my eyes in shock as nausea threateningly rises. My unborn baby doesn’t agree with the vivid picture. I part my lips to take in steady breaths, after a few breaths the nausea subsides. I wonder why she is telling me about the accident. 
“Deola,” She calls out.

I stare at her response, noting the sympathy in her eyes. I wonder why she feels sympathetic towards me. 
“How are you feeling?” She ask. I blink in surprise. “I know you are pregnant,” She answers my unasked question. I smile and lower my eyes in appreciation. The thought of my unborn baby fills me with unexpected joy. 

“I don’t know how else to break this news to you,” She begins as apprehension crawls over me. I wait for her to finish, my heart beats fast.
“Your husband was involved in the accident,” my eyes widens uncontrollably. “He didn’t make it.” 
I feel the heavy weight of darkness descend upon me and drag me down as I succumb to the tug of helplessness.

“I am so sorry,” I hear the voice say as blackness swallows me and the floor welcomes me. 

Months Later

I walk along the beach, taking a breath of freshness. The past few months have been hectic and frighteningly unbearable. 
I lost the baby a few weeks after Lanre’s burial. It was a double blow… losing my husband and baby within a few weeks. I went easily from being a married woman to a widow. 

His parents whirled me away for a much needed vacation after the truth came tumbling into light. 
Tears slips down my face as I think about how my life would have turned if Lanre had lived. 
Would we still be together or divorced? Would our baby have brought the healing we both needed?

Regrets burn as I thought about the words I never said to him… the silent words that revolved around my head. Maybe, it’s for good. 

I continue my leisure stroll along the deserted beach as the sun sets slowly. 


#Chronicles of an abused wife.
#Written by Mercy Okusun 


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Episode 2Three months later

We have been married for over two months now and — I just found out I’m pregnant, the obvious result of the rape. 

God, I feel so ashamed. My voyage as a wife has been bumpy and humiliating.

He repulses me now, every time he tries to touch me I feel like throwing up — the baby could be the reason behind it though. I dread telling him about my pregnancy because I don’t know how he would react. 

He usually has this spell of black moods, it is ill-advised to go close to him when he is in that mood.

He has been possessive ever since we got married, sometimes, he is charming and attentive. He thinks I would go file a complaint at the police station or human right activist.

 I chortled at that thought; who would believe a husband raped his wife? You are shocked too, right?

I burst out in laughter before realizing I was in the conference room with some potential clients, I blinked rapidly and the laughter died down suddenly as I felt curious eyes on me.

 This was not the time to unleash my domestic problem, I realized. I cleared my throat and gathered my thoughts into the domestic folder in my head. I smiled at my clients to ease the tension and curiosity buzzing within the conference room.

I know as you read this, you are wondering who I am.

My name is Adeola Janet Aderemi, now Mrs. Adeola Janet Coker. I am married to one of the youngest CEO in the country.

 Olanrewaju Coker is his name. Lanre, as he is popularly called, is the only son and child of Senator Coker and Mrs. Coker. I smile wistfully as I reminisce a little about the man I fell in love with.

Lanre is over 6 ft. tall, with alert light brown eyes. He has a pointed nose which suits his long face and naturally red colored bow lips which compliments his fair skin. 

His black curly hair gave away his Caucasian descendant. I can’t decide if it was love at first sight, especially with the circumstance.

Most ladies wish to be in my position, I would gladly trade my position as his wife with any lady. 

I never wish to relive the incident. The incident which has led to a pregnancy — wanted or unwanted?

I sigh mournfully, the darkness of the incident threatens to swallow me. How do I broach the subject with him? 

Would I find him in a cheerful mood tonight? Does he have to know? Or should I keep the secret to myself, but for how long?

I resolve within myself to tell him…he has to know. Tonight.


#Diary Series

#Shattered Hope

#Diary of an abused Wife


Written by Okusun Mercy


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john dumelo

Ghanaian actor John Dumelo has expressed extreme dissatisfaction about an incident that didn’t happen but was circulated in the media.

In his latest interview with delay, john had a few pointers for his cherished fans. He strongly advised his loyal fans to be wary of fake accounts of people impersonating him online.

A lot of scandals have come and gone john’s way. There was the scandal about him getting married to a lady in the United States because he wanted permanent resident permit. Dumelo admitted knowing the said lady, but quickly disassociated himself because of what she did.

Dumelo claimed all those documents were forged. He also denied having any sexual relations with her.

During the interview, Dumelo admitted that the most ridiculous, report he has ever heard was that, he had gone to rape a girl in Nigeria.

He added that, there was no evidence to validate the incident and that; he did not even know the girl.

Source: Ghanaweb .com


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Morris Ndidwe has been arrested by the Delta state police command for allegedly defiling his 11 year old daughter and impregnating his neighbor’s daughter.

According to his wife, her randy husband had earlier impregnated another girl who made her leave her matrimonial home but returned recently to her husband’s house for the sake of her children.

She narrated her ordeal, saying, “My husband wanted to sleep with our daughter but failed and later succeeded in sleeping with our neighbor’s daughter and got her pregnant. After impregnating the girl, he begged several times for forgiveness. My daughter told me what she was going through in the hands of her father whenever she(mother) was not around and when I asked my husband, he denied saying he had stopped the act since he repented”.

She continued by saying “I caught him one afternoon with our daughter, I went to church and vowed not to continue with the union but came back again after he said he had repented, I am tired of forgiving all the time. Last week he drove me to church at about 9pm for a vigil. When I returned the following day, my daughter told me what her father did to her and when I decided to check her, my husband refused and almost beat me up, but my neighbors intervened”.

Morris has since been arrested by the police.

Source: leadership.ng

Rape: Man Defiles 11Yr-Old Girl For Money Rituals

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A 46-year old man who was arrested by the Badarwa/Malali concerned forum, for defiling an eleven year old girl in Kaduna, Nigeria has confessed to committing the act.

The, suspect, Baba Mohammed, said the purpose for which he committed the rape offence was purely for rituals in order to make money.

Baba, an electrical engineer was caught having carnal knowledge with the girl in her father’s house  by her Elder sister .
The suspect who is married and has a child confessed to committing the crime, adding that his actions was highly regretted.

“I collected the charm from one man in Maiduguri, Borno state, the man said I should rub it on any girl of between 10 and 11yrs of age and then sleep with her after which I will have a lot of wealth” the suspect said.

The victim said the suspect had forcefully slept with her over three times at different places. She also said the suspect always gave her fifty naira after sleeping with her and would warn her not to reveal what transpired between them to any person.

The father of the girl, Usman Adamu, who reported the case, insisted that justice must be carried out.

Source: Leadership.ng