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The Thoughts Far Fetched

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Of a truth I sought your face
In this never ending race
But alas! My search proved abortive
So I’ll soar up t’the clouds
Suspending grav’ty a while
And call thy name in long shouts
If thou fail to yield my call
Like burning comet, I’ll fall
Unto earth’s core
And knock death’s door
Save this be a dream.
Written by:Daodu Deji Cornelius



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random thoughts

I am bored, all alone in a classroom

Oh my God!……This engineering s**t is hard, i should have opted for the ARTS back in high school, skipped church so i could study.

Got an exam in three days, i guess reading is not my hobby, because every time i look at a book i feel dazed……Haha! just kidding!

I am more into philosophy, searching for answers about life. So many questions I want to ask God. So I am currently reading the bible daily, tried doing it before…..but i found it highly unenjoyable.

I have got a short attention span, I am allergic to classrooms…..feel trapped in, but my mind escapes to a world that is imaginary with leprechauns and super heroes in capes.

I can’t seem to fight it when it comes, so i hop in like a bus and drift away like smoke in the wind from a blunt(weed)….when it’s lighted.

Written by KELVIN AKOGUN…..An Electrical Engineering student of Ambrose Alli University Ekopma, Edo state. Nigeria