Guest Post: Hurt Lovers

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 Serve your tearstained cookies in a cracked plate With a pinch of vengeance 
The grapes in your vine are shrunk and sour but serve the wine all the same in those crooked chalices that mirror us as we are 

Your face is a Hall of Fame where cuts and bruises are on display
Like cracked China held together by a strand of hope

Every contact with his kind makes your old wounds drip fresh blood, I too have bled before so I know the cure
Your room is a graveyard where silence is the only thing that speaks 
You die every night only to wake up lifeless in the morning

For hurt lovers
Memories are darts driven deep into the heart causing it writhe and wriggle 
Promises are poisoned sweets taken without caution until it destroys its host
Love is a virus that sores the mind til it’s ravaged beyond redemption 

      Written by :  Daodu,  Deji Cornelius 2018.


Guest Post: ZAINAB

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You’re the mystic rhythm that speaks  into the rustling winds making the leaves dance in an endless frenzy 

Your eyes are lanterns that dispel darkness and reveal the path to tread in the heart of a hazy night

I’m lost in your  myth and I seek no means of escape
For you are an elixir filling dry bones with life in  abundance and causing dead limps to leap 

When you clipped your wings and became human 
Your halo hid itself in your heart but your charm stayed fresh like dawn. 

Someday,  under this azure sky,  we’ll meet face to face and these testimonies will stay true and unchanged

Till then, I’ll spread your legend  Like a plague. 

Written by:  Daodu Deji Cornelius

Guest Post : Lucifer 

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He was but an angel with eyes of gold, eyes that could lit up the darkest soul,  eyes that could melt down the hardest stones.
Eyes that could pierce through to see the truth while you falter to beat around the bush.

Eyes that could make a thousand nightingales sing,  they could make the entire chords of Heaven ring.

Eyes that could peel off dark clouds at a glance they could make earth quiver as it stands. 

Yet, He was an angel with eyes of pride, eyes that envied the position of the most high,  they couldn’t withstand the pain of being made so bright and still would have a superior, this made him grow cold,  and eyes of gold turned around to live coals.

Deceiving, corrupting and burning down souls. Eyes of destruction, formerly eyes of Heaven, eyes of glory now eyes of the devil. 

Written by: Oluwadamilola David Yusuf


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Maybe, I should take a dive off the cliff,

Probably you would save me from hitting the ditch,

Oh, maybe I should prove to you I’m still a fool

Stick my tongue in, keep my face lit

Pretend I’m supportive of every evil thing you do

Maybe not. 

’cause no drop of good dwell in you, 

You saw in me nothing but a tool to use 

Haul yourself from the pain around, 

Elevate yourself from the abased clans in your quest to, fetch for yourself, a worthless Crown,

So much lies on your path, telling the truth was never your plan, 

When you, make me go blind, take up my hand from behind  and make your, psychopathic parasites pierce through me with their tiny fangs 

I’m scared but this time I’m taking it upon myself so go ahead, 

Cook up the threats, bring all your friends if you’ve ever got any bit of strength.

I hated hating you,  and you never loved me either,

I was scared of having you but you said you’d find peace with no other.

You made the greatest fool out of me, 

Owing myself an apology, but I’m thankful to you, showing me things I’ve never seen.

It’s not difficult, turning back to forgive you, 

But you made me hate you and I hope you know I still do. 

Written by : Oluwadamilola David yusuf


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I wish I was there on that night
When the Oracle spoke of might
And gave to men who knew their rights
A chance to spell off the fright.

I wish I was just there to see
What was off men who were just like me
But now are what they claim to be,
Immortals, as no other could be.

I wish I was there to know how
With their might they broke their vows
And their spirits feel somehow
Till they’d been forsaken and banished as the crows.

I wish they knew, they were bound to fall.
I wish they never heeded the call.
I wish he told them about it all.
I wish I never liked them at all.
Wriiten by: Oluwadamilola David Yusuf


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Like a pitcher plant you lay dormant 
And curiosity made me explore your petals

You had that saintly aura

Looks benignly, I perched 
You lulled me to sleep in a bed of lies

But I stayed wide awake

I played too much of the fool so you reveled in your deeds

‘Hit and run’ was the word on the streets

But I showed devotion
You wore jealousy’s perfume loudly

But I pronounced your name proudly 

I’m no prince charming, I’m no ogre either

The truth would have made our burden lighter

But you enjoyed the tightening grip of fetters


Written by:   Daodu Deji Cornelius

    Witty Quill 2017•


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It’s a Friday night and the city would be club sick,

That’s  was where youngsters go to pay their bills.

On the day after, count their loss.

This was how it happened, every weekend ends in remorse.

Soon I joined the Holy congregation
And lived a life of zero condemnation.

I drank, smoked, celebrated for no reason

Feeling my life was far better than of those in prison.
I drove myself there and came back on foot

and if I ever remember the car, I would be in the booth

Before then, I would wake with Tedd

but now bottles of beer in my heart resides.
I regretted ever knowing a club’s address,

I regretted thinking staying at home would be senseless,

I regretted ever looking at the bottle and smile at it,

I regretted ever releasing the demon in it.

Written by:  Oluwadamilola David Yusuf.