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Episode 4

I am still reeling from the shock as the car speeds along the busy expressway, he hasn’t glanced at me once ever since the car moved in motion. The car begins to slow down as traffic looms ahead. He mutters in anger, while I desperately will him to look at me and pray I don’t start crying. 

“This is your fault, you know” he says, as the car halts and is put into neutral, along with other commercial and private cars in traffic. I couldn’t believe the words that has just left his mouth, nor his nonchalant attitude towards his earlier assault.

“Lanre,” I call out, anger lacing my voice. He has his attention concentrated on his iPad, typing away and ignoring me. The traffic begins to move swiftly, he drops the iPad on the dashboard, put the car into drive and eased out of traffic. 

 I look away from him and relax into my seat when I realized that the apology I have been expecting wouldn’t be forthcoming. I sigh deeply and place my hand protectively over my stomach-housed unborn baby…what kind of home would I be bringing my child into? 

We arrive at my place of work, without having a conversation of any kind all through the drive. I take a glance at him one last time before getting out of the car. He stares straight ahead, a frown marring his forehead. I close the car door harder than I intended and walk away without a backward glance. 

I feel queasy and I know the incident earlier is responsible for my queasiness. I get to my office, hurry to my seat behind my desk and gladly sink into the cushioned seat. I close my eyes, inhaling and exhaling slowly.

 I realize I should never have married him… oh! The shame had made me cave into marriage with him. I had promised myself that I was going to get married to first man I would have any sexual relationship with, no matter what. Although, this isn’t the picture I had painted about my marriage. 

What would I do now? He has become unpredictable and violent. I am scared for myself and unborn child. Who do I turn to for help? A knock at the door brings me out of my reverie. I quickly switch on my desktop before answering “come in.”

 The Branch Manager of the company walked into my office. Closing the door behind her, she stood by the door staring at me.

“Good morning,” I greet cheerfully. The elderly woman gives me a wan smile and walks slowly to my desk. I start to rise, but she stills my effort by shaking her head. She remains quiet for a while and fear starts to claw its way through my gut when she says,

“I am so sorry,”

I blink in amidst confusion and fear… fear that I may be about to lose my job. 

I close my eyes in resignation, and lean back into my seat. I wait for her to deliver the fatal blow that would take me away from the career and company I love.

I didn’t wait for long when she says, 

“There has been an accident.”

#Chronicles of an abused wife.

#Written by Mercy Okusun 


Shattered Hope: The Past 

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Episode 3Four days later

Staring at my reflection in the full length dressing mirror, I smile sheepishly. Oh! What a wonderful morning, a morning that has indeed come with joy. 

My eyes rove over my reflection in the mirror and I have to admit I love what I see.

The night I told him about the pregnancy was an emotional night. He stared at me in shock when I first broke the news to him, he didn’t blink nor utter any word, the next instant he burst into tears and knelt before me.

 I was flagger basted, that obviously wasn’t the reaction I was expecting. He wrapped his arms around my waist and apologized earnestly. I couldn’t resist asking him the question that has been on my mind since that awful night.

 Why did you rape me? I asked him He bowed his head in shame and couldn’t meet my eyes…he was quiet for a while that I thought he had fallen asleep. He gave a shuddery sigh before speaking, without looking at me.

 “I know you won’t believe me but I have never raped a lady before” he began, in his accent that I love so much. “I don’t know what came over me that night and I just knew I had to make you mine.” He finished.

“Remember when you told me that the only man to sleep with you would be your husband?” he asked me, I nodded slowly, I didn’t think he would remember the conversation we had in our early relationship days.

“I was scared you would turn me down when I ask you to marry me” he said softly, I placed my left hand on his shoulder, willing him to look at me. “I want this baby, Deola” he said, I smiled when I heard his pronunciation of my name, Di-oh-la. He kissed my stomach and I couldn’t help but feel touched.

 Staring at my reflection while I recall that night, made me smile. There has been in a change in him after that night, he has become the man I fell in love with. Oh! I feel like his wife now.

He has been attentive to me, even taking time out of his busy schedule to have lunch with me at my office. Last night, he confided that he hopes the baby is a girl, a baby girl that would look just like me. I giggled at his flattery.

Our marriage really began after that night…I smiled as I turned away from the mirror and walked across the room to turn off the air conditioner. 

I heard the blast of the car honk and exclaimed. He had been waiting for me in the car. I hurriedly turned off the light switch, picked up my hand bag and walked out of the bedroom, closing the door behind me.

I realized the rain was drizzling as soon as I walked out the front door, I walked hurriedly to the car park and got into his car. He turned his attention away from his iPad and gave me a cold stare. I smiled in return, hoping to ease the tension.

It all happened in a daze, he lifted his left hand and gave me a slap across my cheek.

I stared at him in shock, ‘You kept me waiting’ was all he said, before he reversed out of the car park and drove out of the gate.

Written by: Okusun Mercy


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Episode 2Three months later

We have been married for over two months now and — I just found out I’m pregnant, the obvious result of the rape. 

God, I feel so ashamed. My voyage as a wife has been bumpy and humiliating.

He repulses me now, every time he tries to touch me I feel like throwing up — the baby could be the reason behind it though. I dread telling him about my pregnancy because I don’t know how he would react. 

He usually has this spell of black moods, it is ill-advised to go close to him when he is in that mood.

He has been possessive ever since we got married, sometimes, he is charming and attentive. He thinks I would go file a complaint at the police station or human right activist.

 I chortled at that thought; who would believe a husband raped his wife? You are shocked too, right?

I burst out in laughter before realizing I was in the conference room with some potential clients, I blinked rapidly and the laughter died down suddenly as I felt curious eyes on me.

 This was not the time to unleash my domestic problem, I realized. I cleared my throat and gathered my thoughts into the domestic folder in my head. I smiled at my clients to ease the tension and curiosity buzzing within the conference room.

I know as you read this, you are wondering who I am.

My name is Adeola Janet Aderemi, now Mrs. Adeola Janet Coker. I am married to one of the youngest CEO in the country.

 Olanrewaju Coker is his name. Lanre, as he is popularly called, is the only son and child of Senator Coker and Mrs. Coker. I smile wistfully as I reminisce a little about the man I fell in love with.

Lanre is over 6 ft. tall, with alert light brown eyes. He has a pointed nose which suits his long face and naturally red colored bow lips which compliments his fair skin. 

His black curly hair gave away his Caucasian descendant. I can’t decide if it was love at first sight, especially with the circumstance.

Most ladies wish to be in my position, I would gladly trade my position as his wife with any lady. 

I never wish to relive the incident. The incident which has led to a pregnancy — wanted or unwanted?

I sigh mournfully, the darkness of the incident threatens to swallow me. How do I broach the subject with him? 

Would I find him in a cheerful mood tonight? Does he have to know? Or should I keep the secret to myself, but for how long?

I resolve within myself to tell him…he has to know. Tonight.


#Diary Series

#Shattered Hope

#Diary of an abused Wife


Written by Okusun Mercy


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The sun ascends to its favorite position in the sky

As I stare at my reflection in the mirror, I feel the threat of tears rise again.

My face! I thought solemnly. I look down at the array of make-up lined up on my dressing table and I realized that no quantity or quality of make-up can cover a swollen half closed eye, a split lower lip and a broken nose.

I shuddered painfully.I raise my left hand, devoid of my wedding ring, to touch my swollen eye but, I end up wincing as the sharp pain in my ribs reminds me of his shoes’ brutality.

My reflection is distorted…shattered…battered.

I sigh mournfully as I make an attempt to sit on my bed, recalling last night’s incident.

He had returned late in his black mood, ignored my welcome greeting.

I usually stay away from him whenever he is in this state.

An innocent question of “would you prefer jollof rice or efo riro and wheat?” had turned his anger on me.

I didn’t back away fast enough, his fisted hand connected with my nose and I heard a crack.

Unconsciously, I yelled out in pain. The sound seemed to have fueled his anger.

Ten hours later, I am staring at the results of my husband’s black mood and I wish I could be anywhere but here. Save me please!


#diary of an abused wife

Written by Okusun Mercy  



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We are seated across from each other

Bearing the cross of one another

In the dim light, we gaze away

Hoping to find an untangled way

He chews mechanically

My heart thumps electronically

Guarded memories threaten to rise to the surface

As he briefly stared at my face

Ashamed, he looks down

Amazed, his heart? I want to own

I want the position of his wife

Even though, I know the idea is rife

We are from worlds apart

Hence, our emotions part

The secret gnaws (at) me

How long would this secret remain hidden?

#Chronicles of Her Choice

Written by : Okusun Mercy.


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trial of a married woman


Bosun laid on the bed, dressed in a gown provided by the hospital, her
mind was racing with thoughts, Could it be true? She was in shock! She
dragged herself to a sitting position, the door to her room opened and
the doctor stepped into the room, he gave her a smile, “How are you
feeling?” He asked

Bosun stared at him, “I’m still in shock” she
replied, He laughed and said “yes, I know… Well, your husband is
here” Bosun’s eyes widened and her lips parted, Deji walked into the
room, walked to her bed and just stared at her. “You scared me” He
told her finally, Bosun lowered her eyes “I’m sorry, I…” She paused.

Deji sat on her bed, “No, I’m the one who’s sorry, I shouldn’t have
allowed Mami come between us”
“Oh Deji!” She exclaimed softly, “I’m glad it happened”. Deji stared
at her in astonishment, he turned to the doctor ” are you certain
she’s ok?” He asked, the doctor smiled in reply “I’ll leave you alone”
the doctor said, as he began to walk out of the room, he paused and
turned to them “don’t forget to tell him” He told Bosun, she smiled as
Deji asked “tell me what?” The doctor left and closed the door behind
him. “Tell me what?” Deji asked again, tension seeping into his voice,
“Are you hurt?”He continued, She shook her head, “thank God” he
muttered. “Why did you leave home like that?” He asked her, Bosun sighed
and sank back into the piled pillows.

After she had bolted from the sitting room, she found her way to the
toilet and spilled the contents of the breakfast she had, she rinsed
her mouth and sat on the floor, the nausea was slowly subsiding. She
felt tired, she could hear faint noises from the sitting room, she
tried to shut her mind down but it wouldn’t shut down, she stood up,
rinsed her face and walked out of the toilet, she went into the
bedroom and laid on the made bed, she rubbed her stomach as she felt
the nausea rising again, Oh God! When would this torment end??? Its
been five years now, she thought. She slept off.
Bosun woke up slowly, she yawned and blinked, she pulled the blanket
off her, wait! She didn’t cover up with the blanket before going to
sleep. She sighed because she knew her husband had been in the room,
she sat up and her eyes fell on a paper with her name on it, she
picked it and read the note. Great! She thought happily, she wore her
slippers, left the room and left the house.

“That’s all I remember” she said, ” I don’t even remember how I got to
the river”.  Deji looked at her, ” You should have trusted me”
he told her.   “Oh! You know I do trust you, I just didn’t want to
make you choose between your mother and I” she replied. Deji chuckled,
“its not funny” she said with a frown. Deji sobered, “ok, I’m sorry”
he agreed.

Bosun began to smile, then laughed as tears fell from her
eyes, Deji became alarmed, “sweetheart, talk to me” he told her
softly. She gave a shuddery sigh, “oh Deji, God has finally done it,
he has wiped away my tears of shame and sorrow”. He still looked
puzzled, she held his hands and drew closer to him “I’m five weeks
pregnant” she whispered. Deji thought he heard wrong, “say that again”
he croaked, Bosun laughed, “I’m pregnant, at last” she said louder.
Deji’s laughter rang loud, he went on his knees and began to thank
God, Bosun smiled at the sight before her. Deji stood up and hugged
her, “I love you” he whispered, Bosun sighed contentedly, yes!  She
was happy at last.



The Other WOO-MAN (purgation)

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Good Afternoon beautiful people…….How was your weekend?

Monday strikes again peeps and its back to nation building.  Here’s a piece to savor. Its realistic and it requires no Einstein to decipher.

Do enjoy. Love Y’all.

Lust and desire bed him with me
I reveled in the glory of a false dawn
Suddenly he’s up and goes
Gloom perches and stains my clouds
Matrimony calls and he yields
Confining me to momentary forlornness

In seeking what others have
I have become an usurper; slithering serpent
Meandering through the barriers of fidelity
Entwining him like creepers
An Egyptian lusting for Rome’s Caesar
His head is within grasp, his heart out of reach

I am the other woman
Serving sex as my main course
Upsetting the balance of wedlock like insomnia
All I offer is guilty euphoria
Though he speaks to me in euphony
Blissful harmony still is elusive

I am but a promo, soon to end
This ugly certainty gnaws at me voraciously
So I throw all my cards on the table
Still he slips away with few scars, my soul now is gray
I return to my portal having lost more than I’ve won
Lying in wait again for prey to come my way.


Written by:  Daodu Deji Cornelius