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I wish you’d left me, 
I wish we never met,
I wish you’d let the bullet
Drive straight thru’ my chest,
I wish you’d let the glacial rope 
Hug the hope off my throat. 

I wish you never cared,
You could’ve saved yourself. 
You could’ve watched from afar and learnt
I couldn’t eschew death. 
I wish you never loved, 
My problem could be solved. 

I wish you were aware
Your help would only cause me pain,
But since you saved me there
I’d rise and fall again and again.
I wish your wish for me
Comes true, then probably, 
I wouldn’t have to write these poems 
So you’d bury them beside me. 

Written by: Damilola Yusuf



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Remember your promise, 
“you and me till death do us part.”
I’ve come to realize 
it’s only a slang young lovers
in foreordained-to-fail relationships
take delight in. 

Remember, I found in you my solace. 
It’s wrenching to watch you
desert me without a sign. 
A heart you mended for months, 
broken again in second. I planted in it poetry 
to keep it alive, beating. 

Written by: Damilola Yusuf


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For his sins, 
For his guileful heart that beats, 
For his lust after things of the flesh 
And the pleasure that he seeks.
For his constant unfaithfulness, 
For promises he wouldn’t keep, 
For his soul is frail, he’s weak. 
For his fall into temptations.

I was fastened to the cross, 
That he might escape perdition,
I bore for him, a crown of thorns,
That his soul remain alive,
I was speared by the side. 

All I ask everyday,
Is that you look not at his faults,
T’was for him I bore the pain
That his soul can be bought,
Offer another chance.

Before his time be past. 
Before crucifixion over his life be vain,
Before he be polluted and made profane, 
Before he be drowned in the pool of pain,
Forgive him father, 
Save him again. 

Written by: Damilola Yusuf


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When my fear heightens and courage flees, 
can I still find, in you a haven? 
when through doubts my knowledge skids,
if in pain I’d make a wish, 
while my torture be filled to its brink. 
Will you still care, my solace to be? 

When my heart aches for your presence, 
will you not fear, will I find you here?
When my soul be trapped in darkness, 
when I lie, empty in despair,
When my conscience be debauched beyond repair,
Will you still care, will you be there. 

Written by: Oluwadamilola Yusuf

Guest Post: ZAINAB

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You’re the mystic rhythm that speaks  into the rustling winds making the leaves dance in an endless frenzy 

Your eyes are lanterns that dispel darkness and reveal the path to tread in the heart of a hazy night

I’m lost in your  myth and I seek no means of escape
For you are an elixir filling dry bones with life in  abundance and causing dead limps to leap 

When you clipped your wings and became human 
Your halo hid itself in your heart but your charm stayed fresh like dawn. 

Someday,  under this azure sky,  we’ll meet face to face and these testimonies will stay true and unchanged

Till then, I’ll spread your legend  Like a plague. 

Written by:  Daodu Deji Cornelius

Shattered Hope

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Episode Finale 
I stare at my boss in confusion and sympathy, I have no idea how the accident is related to me or her. 
“There are no survivors,” She begins, “It was an head-on collision, apparently the trailer lost control and the driver of the private car was immersed in his iPad, he didn’t see the trailer on his path until it was too late.” She finishes. 

I could clearly picture the horrific scene, spilled with blood. I close my eyes in shock as nausea threateningly rises. My unborn baby doesn’t agree with the vivid picture. I part my lips to take in steady breaths, after a few breaths the nausea subsides. I wonder why she is telling me about the accident. 
“Deola,” She calls out.

I stare at her response, noting the sympathy in her eyes. I wonder why she feels sympathetic towards me. 
“How are you feeling?” She ask. I blink in surprise. “I know you are pregnant,” She answers my unasked question. I smile and lower my eyes in appreciation. The thought of my unborn baby fills me with unexpected joy. 

“I don’t know how else to break this news to you,” She begins as apprehension crawls over me. I wait for her to finish, my heart beats fast.
“Your husband was involved in the accident,” my eyes widens uncontrollably. “He didn’t make it.” 
I feel the heavy weight of darkness descend upon me and drag me down as I succumb to the tug of helplessness.

“I am so sorry,” I hear the voice say as blackness swallows me and the floor welcomes me. 

Months Later

I walk along the beach, taking a breath of freshness. The past few months have been hectic and frighteningly unbearable. 
I lost the baby a few weeks after Lanre’s burial. It was a double blow… losing my husband and baby within a few weeks. I went easily from being a married woman to a widow. 

His parents whirled me away for a much needed vacation after the truth came tumbling into light. 
Tears slips down my face as I think about how my life would have turned if Lanre had lived. 
Would we still be together or divorced? Would our baby have brought the healing we both needed?

Regrets burn as I thought about the words I never said to him… the silent words that revolved around my head. Maybe, it’s for good. 

I continue my leisure stroll along the deserted beach as the sun sets slowly. 


#Chronicles of an abused wife.
#Written by Mercy Okusun 

Guest post: The call up

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I’m thankful, that you have showed me
how weak I’d been but I’d never admit. 
I’m grateful, for I comprehend how much I owe you, 
for making me learn to turn my curse to a tool.

I appreciate the fact, you never wished me good, 
for all the inflictions you put me thru’, 
for you thought you only belittled a fool
but the more you hit, the stronger I grew. 

I’m thankful, for your cheerless grim.
Without it I wouldn’t have been able to see
and know what peace my imaginations could bring, 
neither would I have known, I’m all I needed to be me. 

I’m thankful, for being there to provide necessary harassment,
when I brood in pain and whine in silence. 
I’m thankful to you, for upholding my turbulence
and making me discover, the strength in silence. 

Written by: Oluwadamilola Yusuf