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Maybe, I should take a dive off the cliff,

Probably you would save me from hitting the ditch,

Oh, maybe I should prove to you I’m still a fool

Stick my tongue in, keep my face lit

Pretend I’m supportive of every evil thing you do

Maybe not. 

’cause no drop of good dwell in you, 

You saw in me nothing but a tool to use 

Haul yourself from the pain around, 

Elevate yourself from the abased clans in your quest to, fetch for yourself, a worthless Crown,

So much lies on your path, telling the truth was never your plan, 

When you, make me go blind, take up my hand from behind  and make your, psychopathic parasites pierce through me with their tiny fangs 

I’m scared but this time I’m taking it upon myself so go ahead, 

Cook up the threats, bring all your friends if you’ve ever got any bit of strength.

I hated hating you,  and you never loved me either,

I was scared of having you but you said you’d find peace with no other.

You made the greatest fool out of me, 

Owing myself an apology, but I’m thankful to you, showing me things I’ve never seen.

It’s not difficult, turning back to forgive you, 

But you made me hate you and I hope you know I still do. 

Written by : Oluwadamilola David yusuf


Guest Post: BODY’S GUEST

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Dear partner, you’ve got an exquisite soul,
You are worth much more than you allow yourself to know 

There’s something you’re brewing, but scared to show,

Heights you have to reach, but scared to grow. 

what makes you think you know so much about me, 
You’re merely a voice in me, a lifeless being, 

All you can observe is my inward ability

Don’t you have any idea how the strength abates in me. 

I’m more than you think, though lifeless I seem
The presure outside is no match for what you bear within

You shouldn’t abolish your foremost belief,

And please remember, we’re together in this. 

Please spare me the stories, where the hell have you been 
At those times when committing suicide was all I could think

When the pain inside got to the brink, 

Parasite, where have you been? 

I shared your pains, every single one felt 
If that isn’t true you’d probably be dead,

We survived it even when t’was too much to bear, 

Don’t you see reasons why you shouldn’t give it up here. 
I discovered you at that moment, I gave it all up 

You’re late, though you claim to have known for long

I wish I had a choice, I’d rather be unborn, 

But you’re late anyway, ’cause I’m dead, I’m gone.

Written by: Oluwadamilola David yusuf


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Life pierces my soul with questions that need no answers 
When smiles go sour around the edges…It is time to read reason’s pages.     

Is it to be spilled like rain water,this thing they call blood??

 Life doesn’t give tutorials, Everyday is a core course…Her session is always running; cycle

Hide me somewhere in-between the tree and its bark…Find me a seat between the living and the dead.

I need that ‘getaway car’ to flee my pain…When the grave is the hotel,the bill is on the earth.

When Agony calls by..Happiness goes for a sleep-over

When life becomes too expensive,we long for her brother. 

Written by: Daodu, Deji Cornelius


The Sinner And The Saint 

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Dear soul, 

I guess you should know
our youthful age is temporarily owned, Once gone it can never be retrieved.

So let’s enjoy it now and stop being deceived. Oh dear body, why in a hurry, For you know after death, you go nowhere with me. 

So let’s play it safe to prevent mistakes For if judgement comes, it is I it would take. 

Quit the thought of death thou worthless soul, and If you don’t mind, I will grow old.

You seem to have no future, no plans at all All your hopes are forever lost in the land beyond. 
Watch your words you worldly being What is earth compared to eternity. 

After wasting this life together and I start suffering alone You’ll remain deep in the ground reduced to nothing but bones.
Did I choose for you your awful fate, Did I make myself your bait, If you eventually get to the land you preach Ask your creator why he kept you in me. 

Thou creature without pity. For how long do you intend to live in iniquity. 

I am a being with a life without end While your filthy days are numbered my friend. 
Written by: Oluwadamilola David Yusuf

Playback On My Way To Hell

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Yes I lied to you this once
I’ve been unfaithful for so long. 

You couldn’t have known for so much you trusted methat I took every opportunity, no matter how little it seemed. 
I’m sorry mom, I’d been your worst nightmare.

But I remained your favourite, for you were unaware. 

I killed dad, I couldn’t tolerate his strict nature

I thought he wanted to deny me off my rightful pleasures. 
I’m sorry brother, I couldn’t help but slander, Tales about you to your enemies I had delivered. 

Although you never thought me an important fellow and your love for me was ever shallow. 

I ask the last, forgiveness of myself Although right now it’s obviously worthless. 

I shall be dammed for years without end Without pity, without rest, years without friends. 
Written by: oluwadamilola David Yusuf


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I wanted strength, to face the crowd, Look bold with my head up and pronounce the words loud, but I find myself always in sweat drenched.

When I face the faces sitting on a bench. I wanted a voice, loud as a cannon.

So my opinions would be heard without much repetitions.

I got nothing but a half clothed voice

Scared of the air around both girls and boys. 
I wished to be referred to as brave, 

Own the mic, thrill the audience, possess the stage,

But what I was made, quite the opposite, 

Not what I wanted but what he wished. 
God’s plan and mine were never the same.

If I continue to struggle, I’ll never have my way. 

Nothing except this I know, 

My destination I’ll reach, just as he had told. 

Written by: Oluwadamilola David Yusuf


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Another blow has struck, this one has shattered my fragile emotions.There is an internal conflict between both voices inside my head.

The cruel voice cackles hysterically “you are even more naive than I thought” the voice says.

I shake my head in grief and almost agree with the voice. I can’t help the rivulets of tears staining my face.

 I feel numb and devalued. My eyes have refused to give in to the lure of sleep.

The quiet house offers no consolation, the sound of the ticking clock does nothing to soothe me.

I turn to my pillow for comfort… It soaks up my quiet sobs.  

“The cycle is repeating itself” the cruel voice taunts. I cover my ears with both hands to block out the voice.

This is me now. …pitifully helpless, desperate for love, wanting reassurance, yearning for comfort.

“Wipe your tears” the gentle voice calls out, a lifeline in the turbulent storm. I smile for the first, since the incident, I pat my face dry and give myself a pat on the right shoulder.

I can go through this.. I tell myself, I’m strong enough… I can survive.

This is why I am who I am… The woman who refuses to let anything weigh her down.  

My personality is my identity.


#Chronicles of her choice.