Guest Post: When whispers die

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The news caster appears again to echo yesterday’s sentiments:

Monies growing wings
Agbada and Ghana-must-go bags become friends

All the while there are no horns men to sound the alarm.

 Child: Father, will no one speak up against these crimes?

Father: my child, as you age in life, you start to appreciate the safety in silence.

 Child sighs as justice drowns

From a distance, 

Mother: my child come for your food.

  Written by: Daodu, Deji Cornelius.  



Rape: Man Defiles 11Yr-Old Girl For Money Rituals

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A 46-year old man who was arrested by the Badarwa/Malali concerned forum, for defiling an eleven year old girl in Kaduna, Nigeria has confessed to committing the act.

The, suspect, Baba Mohammed, said the purpose for which he committed the rape offence was purely for rituals in order to make money.

Baba, an electrical engineer was caught having carnal knowledge with the girl in her father’s house  by her Elder sister .
The suspect who is married and has a child confessed to committing the crime, adding that his actions was highly regretted.

“I collected the charm from one man in Maiduguri, Borno state, the man said I should rub it on any girl of between 10 and 11yrs of age and then sleep with her after which I will have a lot of wealth” the suspect said.

The victim said the suspect had forcefully slept with her over three times at different places. She also said the suspect always gave her fifty naira after sleeping with her and would warn her not to reveal what transpired between them to any person.

The father of the girl, Usman Adamu, who reported the case, insisted that justice must be carried out.

Source: Leadership.ng