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Guest Post: Simple Feng Shui Steps for Good Feng Shui in Your Home

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The basic idea of Feng Shui is that your possessions, wellbeing, relationships and finances can be affected by the surrounding and the condition you live in. People have felt instant transformations in their health and wellbeing through Feng Shui which is why a lot of emphasis is being given to it in this day and age.

So if you were thinking about incorporating the principles of Feng Shui in your house then you don’t necessarily have to start off with really complex steps. You could just start with house basics and move your way up. So here are some simple steps to bring good Feng Shui in your house.

1.    Clear out clutter

Start off by the simplest step which is to clean up your space. Tidying up your space can actually motivate you to do more for your house in terms of home décor because it is the first step that you just can’t miss. This will instantly bring about positive energy in your house and you will be able to notice it.

2.    Make way for light and air

Air and light are two important elements in any house so it is important to let them in. By keeping the windows open and full spectrum lights you will be able to do that. Make use of air purifiers and mirrors to enhance air and light in your home. If you live in a relatively dark neighborhood with limited windows then mirrors can help in brightening up your space if you place them at the right angle.

3.    Fix squeaks

It is not uncommon for floors or door hinges to make squeaky sounds as they get old. Some people get so accustomed to the sound that they don’t even pay attention to it but squeaky noises almost feel like your floors or doors are letting out a cry which can have a bad effect on your mood.

4.    Use the front door

Plenty of people find it easier to park their car in the garage and use the backdoor. But the door that you take determines where Chi flows into your house from. But from a Feng Shui perspective you will miss out on good opportunities and positive energy if you keep on doing this. So it is better to at least use your front door some days of the week and eventually make a habit of it.

5.    Keep the bathroom door closed

Bathrooms are areas of concern for a lot of people because water is directly related to wealth in Feng Shui and water being wasted means wealth flushing away. While water comes back after being drained, you need to be safe anyway so to do that keep your toilet seat cover down and bathroom door closed.

6.    Keep the television in your bedroom covered

It’s a common norm these days to keep televisions in rooms and a lot of people do that, which is fine as long as you keep the television covered when you’re not using it because the active energy associated with it can disrupt your sleep.


Author Bio: This article was written by Rida Maqbool. She is an avid writer and a content curator at Alrug.com. You can follow her on Twitter @ridamaqbool02.



Guest Post: Change up your Home with these 3 Easy Renovations

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Sometimes we can get bored of the space we live in. Your paint may be starting to fade, maybe you’ve outgrown your decor, or perhaps you just feel like you need to upgrade your furniture.

Home renovation experts Redline suggest that simple renovations can make a huge difference to how you feel about your home.

 Your home should be a place you enjoy spending time. You’re not going to enjoy yourself if you are sick of looking at the same things each and every day.

While most of us may be put off by the difficult process of big renovations due to the price and time they take, this isn’t always the case.

Sometimes small renovations are all we really need in a home to make a huge difference to how we’re living.

The best thing about this is that there is so much advice and ideas available to browse online. Personally I enjoy looking at Pinterest boards for some really creative tips and tricks.

Here are three simple renovations that can make a huge difference to your living space and spice up your life:


Painting has a massive difference to the overall ambience of the room. Depending on the colours you use, you can evoke whatever feeling you decide on.

If you feel like making a relaxing oasis, consider the usage of cooler, softer toned colours. On the other hand if you are after a bright and lively space, feel free to play around with primary colours.

The best thing about painting is that it’s relatively easy to learn how to do. However, it can get messy. Be sure that you protect floors, furniture and other areas you don’t want stained.

Update the Door and Furniture Handles

This is one of my favourite ways of customising furniture and rooms. It’s incredibly cheap and easy to do.

You will be able to find a huge range of handles and hardware and second-hand stores. Personally, I love adding a vintage touch to my rooms.

I find my handles at thrift stores around my town. You can get give them a lick of paint for a more personal approach.

Replace your Curtains

If your curtains are starting to look a bit drab, it may be time to get new ones, or even better, make your own! Curtains are incredibly customisable.

You can really change up a room with these simple additions. Fabric is one of the best ways of updating the look and feel of your living space and there is so many options available out there for you to choose from. Get Looking!

These methods are so simple, easy and low-cost, yet they make such a big difference to the appearance of your home.

You can really create a space you love to be in simply and easily with little home renovations.

Author’s Bio: Hunny is a Freelance writer and home decor enthusiast living in New Zealand.



Guest Post: Contributing To Success – Designing Your Home Office

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Now more than ever, home offices are becoming a common element in many people’s homes. Whether you work from home, own your own business, or simply have an office in your home for personal use, home offices are becoming popular. If you have decided you need a home office, you must start with the office design.

Here you will find many factors that you can incorporate into designing your home office to make it truly amazing.

Reasons To Have A Home Office

Apart from the obvious reason which is work, people are deciding to have a home office for numerous other reasons. It can improve the value of your home. For instance you may need a quiet space away from rambunctious children to get done a required assignment. Maybe you want to spend more time with your children. Having a home office can allow you to have more family time, work from home, or save time commuting.

The advancements in technology are changing career possibilities for many people. You may quit your day job so you can spend time developing an online business or store. Perhaps, you need to watch your children or take care of an elder family member so you need to be able to work from home. There are so many reasons to have a home office.

But let’s not forget the obvious reason. You want a home office and you have the space to do so. Point blank, it’s a great idea!

Factors To Consider When Preparing a Design

Your home office is exactly that, YOURS. Don’t sacrifice functionality. Your office needs to suit every single one of your needs. From shelves to drawers, filing cabinets to electronics. Make it so it is perfect for you.

What type of computer do you need? Are you going to have a printer, a fax machine, a scanner? How many electrical outlets are there? Take this into consideration.

Be sure your office is in the perfect location. Do you need a room away from others? Or do you live by yourself so it doesn’t really matter? Are there going to be clients or coworkers stopping by? Is your home office accessible from outside or will you have to walk through your home to get to it?

How large do you need your office to be? You need windows for fresh air. Most likely, you will be spending countless hours in your home office. You don’t want a cramped up space that you can barely move. Make sure it is comfortable for you. The layout needs to be functional for you.

Colors are important. Do you want bright, eye-popping colors to get you amped up and motivated? Or are you the type that is better suited towards tranquility and calmness?

Plants, a fish tank, music? Do not put a television in the room if it will be a distraction. Do not forget, you are making a home office for yourself. It needs to be a place where you can get work done. A place that is all yours. It isn’t a man cave. It is a place for you to be productive. More productive than if you would be commuting to a company office.

Choosing Furniture For Your Home Office

You know that you will be spending countless hours in your office. Having the right furniture is essential to any home office. It has to be affordable, functional, and ergonomic. The furniture is the core of your entire home office. The furniture ties it all together.

First, you need the ideal desk. The size of the desk is most important. If it is large and L-shaped, it will take up some room. Although, it will limit other furniture you otherwise would need. Such as other tables, drawers, and shelves. Think of how your computer equipment will be set up. This often helps in determining the size of the desk.

Next, consider shelving. If your desk is large, you may not need extra standing shelves to hold a printer or scanner. Yet, it will be nice to have corner shelves or wall shelves for books, binders, papers, and important documents.

We now will move on to flooring. A wooden floor or tile floor will be easy to clean and sweep. It is more professional looking if you will be having people in and out of the office constantly. You could put down a fancy throw rug for a little style. Maybe, you work from home solely. You are a freelance writer or blogger. Your home office emits comfort. You want carpet so you can kick off your shoes and relax. The only person in this office is you and you only.

Last and most importantly is your chair. Ergonomic office chairs are essential. You will spend the vast majority of your home office time sitting in your office chair. The more ergonomic the office chair is, the better. It needs to be comfortable. The right height, the right width. Do you want it on wheels or do you want it stationary? Truly, you want an ergonomic office chair to be affordable. Yet, you want to make sure that it is worth every penny that you spend on it. Besides your home office computer equipment, your office chair is the most important element in your home office.


Let’s not forget to keep your home office clean. You want to be productive and comfortable at the same time. If you can’t find anything or can’t move because your home office is so cluttered then something isn’t working.

All of your furniture, accessories, and the layout work together to make your home office completely organised. The more organized you are, the more work you can get done. Ultimately, contributing beneficially to your success.

Having a home office is a great idea. A home office is becoming essential for more people every day. If you are ready to start designing your home office. Be sure to implement these tips and factors into designing your home office. The outcome will be the best creation you have ever made. Having the perfect home office will contribute to the success you desire.

 Author’s Bio:   Adam Robertson is a professional in the office furnishings industry. He works for Allard Office Furniture, an office furniture company which has 18 years of shared experience in office desks, chairs, supplies and accessories.

GUEST POST:7 Ways to Hire the Most Reliable House Painting Company

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There are tons of painting services that you can actually avail if you have painting needs at home. But of course, you have no idea if they can deliver a professional work and deals with proficient work.

You can also read below the pieces of advice you can use in choosing the best painting contractor for your home. Some of these tips are recommended by interior designing and real estate companies such as Wincrest:

Ask around: This is the very basic thing you need to do. Someone you know. Inquire from your family members, friends, colleagues and neighbors. If they can recommend someone reliable to do your house painting work. These referrals from someone you know will be able to help you in acquiring the best painting contractor in town. This is a simple task you can do right away.

Hit the search engine: With the advent of internet, you can actually get the services you need online. So, if you need a house painting contractor, you may type in Google this keyword: painting contractor and remember to add your location.

Get a free estimate from at least three house painting contractors: Keep in mind that it is not enough that you only get one estimate because, frankly, it will not be sufficient to make a solid decision regarding this matter. What you need is at least three free estimates from different house painting contractors. Inquire to them what are the things included from the estimate. It should detailed and contain accurate information you need to know. It is essential that both of you are in the same page.

References are important too: Now, if you are talking to a certain painting contractor, you can ask him or her for a list of references. The list can be composed of at least three references. Doing this may help you to evaluate the work attitude of this painting contractor. House painting companies can provide you a list of references.

Decide what you need to do at your place: Before you hire a professional painting contractor, you need to make a list of things you want to perform at your house. Do you need to repaint the bedroom? How about changing the exterior painting? Finding your needs will lessen the stress from the work itself.

Specific details should be discussed: You should explain your painting needs during the interview you conducted with each painting contractor. You should lay all the details needed for the work to be done. Prices and materials to be used should be discussed thoroughly for clarification. In this way, you can avoid unnecessary changes.

Payment and contract: Before the work begins, keep in mind that you should have a contract and signed by you and the professional painting contractor. You can inquire about the details of the contract. The document should specify the needed work, materials, time frame, prices and payment schedule.

You can now begin with your painting project!

About the blogger:

Candice Larson is a lifestyle and entertainment enthusiast. She currently works full-time and attending graduate school.