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There where the bells of peace jingle,
Where our souls would rather mingle,
Where the strife will be no longer,
Day-by-day we take a step further.

There where time itself is stagnant,
Where royalties are equal to servants,
Where slaves no longer cry of hunger,
Even there I take a step further.

There where prince and pauper dine together,
Where the sun will surly be hanged forever,
Where the river is like a moving mirror,
As cold ice and bright as it’s future.


Written by: Yusuf Oluwadamilola


SCARS-Part 4 (The Finale)

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Emaciated and immersed in futile strive
Wedlock broken, soul sunken
Now scarred, his face sullen
Obinna sat trying to contrive

Sleep was torment beyond words; grim
With Lucifer and lady Karma mocking him
Like melting wax, redemption became slim
Desperately, he sought to get a grip

He found a bitter remedy
Amidst the counsel of sages
The way of the dog,death of egos
So he’d search for first love earnestly

Finding her a memory was the last straw
his tears made even the devil sober
Life could take him no lower
Wanting no more, he called for death’s claw.


Written by:Daodu Deji Cornelius
Witty Quill 2016.


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If only poems could give life,
I would have read them to you that very night,
I couldn’t help but watch you die,
Imagined you were alive but frozen you lie.

If only poems could give light,
I would have read them in clouded nights,
For your soul to see from up above,
Where it’s home is laid on earth below.

If only poems could make one set the future,
I would have known of your sudden departure,
Probably, prevented the unknown capture
That brought about your eventual rapture.

If only poems could make me see,
Where I’ll be in the land unseen,
I would have written more, more than these.
Goodnight grandfather, rest in peace.

Written by: Yusuf Oluwadamilola; A student of National Open University, Nigeria.


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In the days of our youth
Ought we to seek only truth
When many from their mouth speak folly
We should in such times live holy

If we follow peace like we do on twitter
The world I believe will be better
We all should into the Bible look
And forgo the vanities on Facebook

Man is but nothing and something
What God gives no man should be flaunting
Never at any time should we be doubting
For on every side our defense he is mounting

Seeking only the kingdom’s righteousness
Press towards the mark with faith and holiness
I pray we’ll stand before his throne tall
Till then, may He keep us, lest we fall.


Written by: Daodu Deji Cornelius
Witty Quill 2016

SCARS-Part 3

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Vendetta had become her second nature
Sade refused to stay her ploy
Ravishing physique makes for a perfect decoy
Bringing her prey always; constant fixture

But respite would find her eventually
Ayo came into her crisis and cooled it
She offered her tear-stained cookie, he ate it
Out of the mist, redemption was unveiling gradually

Together, they would slay her demon
Longing, skeptical still, she wanted no surprise
He offered to tend her battle scars
Cleansing her soul of vengeful filth like Pishon.

Note: Pishon is one of the four rivers in the garden of eden.


Written by: Daodu Deji Cornelius
Witty Quill 2016.

SCARS- Part 2

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An angel in human skin, he promised her a Cinderella story
She allowed him know her body
Creating room for a being within

Forced to banish the life growing within
Left out in the cold with broken vows
Her tears called for retribution, wetting the devil’s palm

Obinna found another and sought nirvana
But his past has come back to bite
Desolation has become his landlord
His posterity shrivel and die before birth
As his past demons refuse to lay dead.


Written by: Daodu Deji Cornelius.
Witty Quill 2016.

SCARS- Part 1

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Tales of love sunk into Sade’s youthful mind
She delved into a mine field guided by dim lights
De spoilers welcomed her to the fray

Plundered, robbed of her nectar, left hollow
Her scars nourished by the tree of remembrance
Sang the tunes of Karma; poetic justice

Now she dance with glee
Spreading the fruits of anguish
Freely giving out the parasite within her flesh.


Written by: Daodu Deji Cornelius.
Witty Quill 2016.