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Health Benefits Of Oranges

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1) Heart Health: Herperidin’s in oranges helps lower blood pressure and folate protects against cardio vascular diseases.

2) Digestive Health: Vitamin C helps prevent ulcers and fibre ensures a healthy colon.

3) Cholesterol-Lowering: It contains limonin, which helps reduce LDL or bad Cholesterol.

4) Kidney Support: Helps prevent kidney stones and efficient in filtering of toxins.

5) Anti-Cancer: It contains potent anti-carcinogens to prevent proliferation of cancerous cells.

6) Immune Support: High vitamin C content helps to steer away nasty bugs, bacteria and viruses. Prevents colds, flu and ear infections.

7) Healthy Skin: Contains essential vitamins and minerals for beautiful, problem-free skin.

8) Vision Protection: loaded with carotenoids which helps prevent night blindness and muscular degeneration.

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Usher Gets Married To His Manager

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The R&B singer and his long time girlfriend, Grace Miguel, secretly weds in Atlanta just before labor day weekend. According to a source, the couple had planned a more elaborate wedding with 100 guests, but decided to skip formalities and elope instead.

The singer confirmed the Good news on instagram with a picture showing his gold wedding ring  band. The couple got together in 2009 and he got engaged to her in January.

“I have an incredible partner and manager” he said to Billboard last October. “she has helped me through some of my hardest times in my life and my career, she is someone who’s been able to support and understand all of who I am. Not just as a dancer or as a performer but as a humanitarian, businessman and as a person”.

The newly weds are in Cuba for their honeymoon.


Mecca Stampede: More Than 700 Killed At Hajj in Saudi Arabia

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A stampede killed at least 717 people and injured hundreds more at the Hajj in Saudi Arabia on Thursday, in one of the worst-ever tragedies at the annual Muslim pilgrimage.

The stampede began at around 9:00am on Thursday, hundreds of thousands of pilgrims had converged on Mina to throw pebbles at one of the three walls representing Satan, for the last major ritual of the Hajj which official ends on sunday.

In some areas rescue workers laid bodies in long rows on stretchers, limbs protruding from beneath white sheets. The civil defence said it was still counting the dead, which included pilgrims from different countries.

A Saudi Minister blamed the pilgrims for the tragedy, saying they had not followed the hajj rules. He also said “many pilgrims move without respecting the time tables set for Hajj.

Condolences came from capitals around the region and the globe, including the UN secretary general Ban ki-moon.

Source: Yahoo news

Rape: Man Defiles 11Yr-Old Girl For Money Rituals

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A 46-year old man who was arrested by the Badarwa/Malali concerned forum, for defiling an eleven year old girl in Kaduna, Nigeria has confessed to committing the act.

The, suspect, Baba Mohammed, said the purpose for which he committed the rape offence was purely for rituals in order to make money.

Baba, an electrical engineer was caught having carnal knowledge with the girl in her father’s house  by her Elder sister .
The suspect who is married and has a child confessed to committing the crime, adding that his actions was highly regretted.

“I collected the charm from one man in Maiduguri, Borno state, the man said I should rub it on any girl of between 10 and 11yrs of age and then sleep with her after which I will have a lot of wealth” the suspect said.

The victim said the suspect had forcefully slept with her over three times at different places. She also said the suspect always gave her fifty naira after sleeping with her and would warn her not to reveal what transpired between them to any person.

The father of the girl, Usman Adamu, who reported the case, insisted that justice must be carried out.


Is Social Media A Safe Place To Make Friends?

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Social media is a relatively safe place to interact with others due to its openness ,  but it is not a safe place to make friends. The idea of social interactions and making friends has been confused. If the line between friendship and social interactions are not clearly defined, safety and privacy as well as emotions are violated.

We rely on social media to make friends, forgetting the most important aspect of friendship, which is the test of a person’s character. Social media should be used to enhance  friendship and to maintain them. Social media makes us spend more time  trying to communicate with people far away from us than spending time with the people around us. Words don’t build friendship, actions do.

Many social media users are oblivious to the fact that social media is open to all: good, weird, sinister and socially awkward personalities whose philosophies don’t tally with ours.

Sometime ago, Yahoo News carried a news report of a  woman who tried to get  into the home of a man she met online through his chimney. She got stuck in the chimney and must have cried out for help, until the firemen pulled her out of the chimney.  According to this news report , the man admitted having gone out with her in a casual manner a few times and never alluded to any relationship of a sentimental nature. This scenario draws one sound conclusion: that the man didn’t know that the lady he went on a casual date with may have some psychological problems, but may have had the appearance of a mentally stable person.

When people confuse what is sacred like friendship, with social interaction, friendships are bound to be taken lightly and easily broken. If that happens, Is it social media that is unsafe? I think not. Is social media bad then? No.

What is unclear is our definition of friendship and social interactions and the sooner we get these two clearly defined, the  better and more effective our use of social media will be. Imagine how much heartbreak and scandals would be avoided if social media users valued friendship enough not to go looking for it in the wrong places.

How can we know if the person we are making “friends” with on the other side of the globe is really a banker and not an ex-convict? How are we sure that “friends” made on social media look just like they do in pictures they have sent and that those pictures were not taken from Google images?.

Friendship is when you have proof of the person’s character over time, without the test of character, there is no  friendship.
If social media doesn’t give the platform for a person’s character to be tested, then it is not a safe place to make friends.

Written by: Naa Akuye Addy.

Judicial Corruption: Anas Is Lawless -John Ndebugri

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Private legal practitioner, John Ndebugri, counsel for some of the judges implicated in the judicial scandal in Ghana has described investigative journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas  as one of the most lawless people in the world.

John Ndeburgi believes that it is a blatant abuse of law for the ace investigative journalist to premiere the much anticipated video on judicial corruption despite an injunction to stop the premiere of the video.

Tiger Eye PI, the investigative company headed by Anas, broadcasted the documentary on judiciary corruption at the Accra International Conference Centre on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Thousand of Ghanaians trooped to the venue to view the explosive content of the documentary which shows judges allegedly collecting bribes to subvert justice.

Ndeburgi on Asempan FM said the premiering of the documentary is an act of “lawlessness and impunity”. He could not fathom why people are hailing the investigative journalist and acting as if “Anas is the one who will salvage the country”.

Ndeburgi added that those who “ignorantly” trooped to the conference centre just to satisfy their curiosity are all in contempt and could be jailed for flouting the law.

John believes ” we are in very abnormal times” because the  constitution and the law since Anas’ exposé is being turned upside down.

Source: Ghana web