Guest post: The call up

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I’m thankful, that you have showed me
how weak I’d been but I’d never admit. 
I’m grateful, for I comprehend how much I owe you, 
for making me learn to turn my curse to a tool.

I appreciate the fact, you never wished me good, 
for all the inflictions you put me thru’, 
for you thought you only belittled a fool
but the more you hit, the stronger I grew. 

I’m thankful, for your cheerless grim.
Without it I wouldn’t have been able to see
and know what peace my imaginations could bring, 
neither would I have known, I’m all I needed to be me. 

I’m thankful, for being there to provide necessary harassment,
when I brood in pain and whine in silence. 
I’m thankful to you, for upholding my turbulence
and making me discover, the strength in silence. 

Written by: Oluwadamilola Yusuf  


Guest Post: ABIKU

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The indigenes of the cyclic continuum know you well

Coming and going,forever a vagabond 

Traveling without friend or foe

Born to die always, cyclic trauma for one poor soul

Reliving the fate of Sisyphus


Mother’s breasts are weary and look down at her belly

Constant movement has your spirit lean and strained

These forces toss you around like a puppet

Against your will you call for tears on her face

But you’ve been crying too, haven’t you?

Father’s muscles are worn out from trying

The medicine man is all smiles as he fattens his flesh

Still all fingers point at you; the culprit
Abiku, the name that has become your crest

Abiku, the name that is your burden

Sit between this world and the next and take refuge

Find peace for your troubled soul for you are the victim here.

Written by:  Daodu Deji Cornelius.                                                                 2017

Guest Post: New Home? New Locks.

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Settling into a new home is exciting no matter whether you have moved a few streets or to a new city. Your first course of action is to settle in – unpacking and maybe some decorating and painting. Feeling comfortable in your new home is important, whether you own it or not. Security can seem a bit like an afterthought but it actually affects how comfortable you end up feeling in your new home.


One of the easiest ways to improve your security, especially if you own your new home, is to hire a professional home and auto locksmith to come rekey your home. After all, unless it’s a brand new home, chances are there are multiple previous owners who still have keys. Not including the ones they’ve misplaced since leaving.

The locksmith you hire will likely give you many options for improving the security on your locks, but it really boils down to 2 options: rekeying or replacing. You can choose to have them simply rekey all the locks in your house or completely remove the existing locks and install a new one. Either option will give you a new set of keys in the end. The difference is that replacing the locks will cost more, but it will upgrade your security more than just rekeying. Especially if the old locks are well, old and outdated.


If your house is still fairly new rekeying is a fine way to go and is usually less expensive. In fact, there are articles online that show you how you can do it yourself. But, even if you are handy, when in doubt, hire a professional. Nothing would be worse than locking yourself out of your own home and having to call a locksmith anyway, and that would probably end up costing more than just calling them to rekey in the first place!


Of course another important factor in your choice between new locks and rekeying is simply how the existing looks look. Are they worn? Scratched? Rusted? If so, a new set of locks is the perfect way to spruce up the look of your new home and add another of your own personal touches.


Either way, you can rest easy each night in your new home knowing you and your family are the only “keyholders”.

Enjoy your new home!!!!!!


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Its late in the evening yeah but I wanna share all the same. I wrote this when I saw one of my classmates smiling. Its a bit special cause she’s always wearing a frown like cologne. 

The frown was genetic so we thought

Written into her being

Manifesting in this light

She made light of a demons grin
For her state no remedy could salvage

My strokes were harsh and heavy

As I painted this model

Dipping each one in the watchmen’s oil
Relief patted her face,lit it up

I sought now to eat my own words

For when she joined the smiles

Behind her cold wall, I saw a human being. 

Written by:  Daodu Deji Corneius

                          Witty Quill 2017.


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Wishing you all the love that comes with this season. May peace be your gift this christmas and blessings all year through.




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If only poems could give life,
I would have read them to you that very night,
I couldn’t help but watch you die,
Imagined you were alive but frozen you lie.

If only poems could give light,
I would have read them in clouded nights,
For your soul to see from up above,
Where it’s home is laid on earth below.

If only poems could make one set the future,
I would have known of your sudden departure,
Probably, prevented the unknown capture
That brought about your eventual rapture.

If only poems could make me see,
Where I’ll be in the land unseen,
I would have written more, more than these.
Goodnight grandfather, rest in peace.

Written by: Yusuf Oluwadamilola; A student of National Open University, Nigeria.

The Thoughts Far Fetched

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Of a truth I sought your face
In this never ending race
But alas! My search proved abortive
So I’ll soar up t’the clouds
Suspending grav’ty a while
And call thy name in long shouts
If thou fail to yield my call
Like burning comet, I’ll fall
Unto earth’s core
And knock death’s door
Save this be a dream.
Written by:Daodu Deji Cornelius