Guest Post: 7 Unique Websites for Earning Extra Cash

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With the advantage of using internet these days, we can find all our needs in just a few clicks. Even the food we want and the places we want to visit are just some clicks away before it will happen. Aside from academic purposes of internet for us, it could be of help when we want to find a job.

Yes, the internet provides that kind of service. Whether we want a full-time job or just some freelance to earn some more, the web could be our savior.

Below are some of the recommended websites you can use to earn cash in your spare time:

This website is a popular Paid to Click (PTC) site that allow users to earn money from it in two different ways: by clicking and viewing ads and by referring people on this site. You can earn up to $0.02 for clicking and viewing the ads provided that you view them for 30 seconds. Premium users get to earn from referring people to Clixsense. As far as the payment concern, Clixsense is trusted. Dedicated effort must be put in order to gain decent income.

Zirtual may be time consuming but it offers a satisfying reward. Sign up first to Zirtual and be a Zirtual Assistant to a busy person. The busy person will send you various tasks such as writing email, summarizing different academic topics, or research on something. Personal tasks are also included like scheduling a travel, write handwritten notes, or even order some food. Zirtual Assistant can enjoy a base fare of $11 an hour and they work weekdays full time.

This website is also popular among online users because they can make money from it. You can take a job that you’re interested with or the easiest job for you. Upon registration, you can put a description about the skills you have and your work ethics. The user who has a project might hire you to do the work if your skills match the requirement. It is recommended that you increase your skills and experience to gain more reputation and projects.

Earning money while doing surveys? Yes, that is possible. Earning points mean exchanging them for cash. Each survey will give between 100 to 500 points. Now, if you don’t qualify for the surveys, the site will give you two entries into their competition to $1000. RewardsCentral also sends emails that give you 10 points to click through to a site.

This website aims to provide money without hassle to any borrowing needs method. If you want the cash to be available on the same day you need it, you can use peer to peer lending that is easier to achieve. The application is easy and fast. The staff of this website works efficiently to provide better assistance.

If you’re creative enough and got bunch ideas of T-shirt design, you can check for that. You can create your masterpiece either with the website’s tool, clipart and fonts from their extensive library or you can upload your design. It is up to you how much you will charge for the T-shirt project. You can set a sales goal but with minimum number of shirts you are going to sell. This number is up to you and can range from five to 1,000; the higher you set your goal, the more money you make per sale

NeoNux works by browsing their advertiser’s website. This site will pay the users every time they visit the client’s blog or website. The earnings you earn will be paid to you via Paypal, Payza or Netteller. NeoBux, a Paid-to-Click service also welcomes advertisers.


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