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Guest post: Luxury Bathrooms – Selecting a Freestanding Tub

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Modern bathroom

The freestanding tubs of today are much different than the cast iron clawfoot tubs in the past. In fact, they have become one of the hottest trends in recent years. A freestanding bathtub is not attached to the bathroom wall.

Continue reading to learn more about these amazing tubs.

When it comes to a freestanding bathtub, there are several materials to choose from including enameled steel, metal, and acrylic. Enameled steel bathtubs are very durable and so easy to clean. However, this tub can be cold to the touch. Metal Freestanding bathtubs are beautiful and warmth to a bathroom. However, like the enameled steel choices, it can be cold until the hot water warms the metal. The final option is an acrylic tub. These tubs are lightweight and warmer to the touch than the other material options.

The plumbing is harder to hide and can be more expensive than traditional tubs. However, with proper planning and placement, a freestanding tub can enhance the beauty of your bathroom. In fact, many people consider freestanding bathtubs works of art. They can add a luxurious feel to your bathroom and help to create a spa-like setting in your bathroom.

One of the best freestanding soaking tubs is the classic roll top clawfoot tub. This tub features a rounded end that allows you to sit back and relax. The other end of the tub features a flat end. The double-ended clawfoot tub, on the other hand, is rounded on both ends allowing you to lie back on either end of the bathtub.

For the ultimate in relaxation and luxury consider adding massage and whirlpool capabilities to your freestanding bathtub. These features will take your freestanding bathtub to the next level and give you the ultimate pampering. You will be able to submerge yourself in gentle moving water to help relieve all of your aches and pains. Installing a bathtub with these features will take proper planning as you will need to disguise the motor and electrical components; however, a plumbing specialist can turn this dream into a reality.


Freestanding tubs are one of the hottest bathroom designs. They come in a variety of finishes and offer numerous choices, including whirlpool action and massage. If you would like to turn your ordinary bathroom into a spa setting, a freestanding bathtub is a great choice. This work of art brings a luxurious feel to your bathroom at an affordable price.


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Lori Longoria  is a writer. An interior designer. An artist. An entertainer. AND a person who genuinely loves interior design and the people in it.



Guest Post: Simple Feng Shui Steps for Good Feng Shui in Your Home

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The basic idea of Feng Shui is that your possessions, wellbeing, relationships and finances can be affected by the surrounding and the condition you live in. People have felt instant transformations in their health and wellbeing through Feng Shui which is why a lot of emphasis is being given to it in this day and age.

So if you were thinking about incorporating the principles of Feng Shui in your house then you don’t necessarily have to start off with really complex steps. You could just start with house basics and move your way up. So here are some simple steps to bring good Feng Shui in your house.

1.    Clear out clutter

Start off by the simplest step which is to clean up your space. Tidying up your space can actually motivate you to do more for your house in terms of home décor because it is the first step that you just can’t miss. This will instantly bring about positive energy in your house and you will be able to notice it.

2.    Make way for light and air

Air and light are two important elements in any house so it is important to let them in. By keeping the windows open and full spectrum lights you will be able to do that. Make use of air purifiers and mirrors to enhance air and light in your home. If you live in a relatively dark neighborhood with limited windows then mirrors can help in brightening up your space if you place them at the right angle.

3.    Fix squeaks

It is not uncommon for floors or door hinges to make squeaky sounds as they get old. Some people get so accustomed to the sound that they don’t even pay attention to it but squeaky noises almost feel like your floors or doors are letting out a cry which can have a bad effect on your mood.

4.    Use the front door

Plenty of people find it easier to park their car in the garage and use the backdoor. But the door that you take determines where Chi flows into your house from. But from a Feng Shui perspective you will miss out on good opportunities and positive energy if you keep on doing this. So it is better to at least use your front door some days of the week and eventually make a habit of it.

5.    Keep the bathroom door closed

Bathrooms are areas of concern for a lot of people because water is directly related to wealth in Feng Shui and water being wasted means wealth flushing away. While water comes back after being drained, you need to be safe anyway so to do that keep your toilet seat cover down and bathroom door closed.

6.    Keep the television in your bedroom covered

It’s a common norm these days to keep televisions in rooms and a lot of people do that, which is fine as long as you keep the television covered when you’re not using it because the active energy associated with it can disrupt your sleep.


Author Bio: This article was written by Rida Maqbool. She is an avid writer and a content curator at You can follow her on Twitter @ridamaqbool02.


Guest Post: 5 Types of Chairs for Your Bedroom!

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Furniture characterises a home. It is thought to be the establishment of each home and a necessary some portion of its stylistic theme. Presumably the principal thing that you will buy when you move to another home or revamp the old one is a decent household item. Be that as it may, picking the correct sort of furniture inside reasonable costs is a repetitive undertaking and this is the place a hefty portion of us fall for the wrong sorts.

Furniture patterns differ every once in a while. Consistently; we go over some awesome patterns to take after in the furniture business. Be that as it may, we need to limit ourselves from running over the edge with our funds since outfitting things are constantly have a tendency to be moved towards the costly side. This is the very reason that furniture things ought to dependably be precisely chosen since they will not be anything but difficult to supplant.

One of the fundamental tips while deciding on furniture to buy is not to trade off or compromise on the quality. Your furniture ought to be sturdy and you ought to concentrate on quality over amount at whatever point you plan to supplant the old furniture in your home or settling on purchasing fresh out of the box new.

Here are the top 5 types of chairs you should be looking forward to buying for your bedroom décor:

  1. Beautiful Sofa Sets:

              sofa 1

Gone are the days when room furniture just incorporated the ace bed with bedside tables and headboards. Nowadays, restrictive room couch sets with end tables are especially in pattern and individuals have supported this pattern extremely well. In addition, you can likewise go for calfskin made couch sets with differentiating pad sets and they will look totally agile.


  1. Stylish Rocking Chairs:

 sofa 2

A room is fragmented without the great old recliner added to its stylistic theme. Not just that it will give your room a conventional look, it additionally offers you your very own private space held in your own particular room where you can simply take a load off while perusing your most loved book. Simply go ahead and get one for your room today and give yourself that additional treat of including an extraordinary outfitting thing for your room.


  1. Trendy Bedside Tables:

       sofa 3 

Still especially in form; bedside tables have never left style. Accessible in a wide range of sizes and outlines that you can get your hands on; bedside tables are thought to be a basic piece of room furniture. Include coordinating bedside table lights and perceive how excellent the stylistic layout will look when it will offset the whole feel of your room.


  1. Bedroom Equipment:


Having excellent extras in the room makes it more worth living and unwinding. Since summer season is practically around the bend; it is high time to dispose of the old bed sheets and sofas and say yes to shiny new plans of wonderful sofa-bed sets alongside coordinating pads and pads sets today!


  1. Comfortable Leather Couches:

 sofa 5

An extremely one of a kind yet classy furniture thing that has turned out to be tremendously prevalent over the current years and guarantee greatest solace levels is your most loved calfskin lounge chair. Already; having a cowhide love seat in your house was thought to be a front room frill yet the pattern has generally changed at this point. Thus, simply ahead and purchase a lovely bit of calfskin sofa today!

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Author Bio:

Julie Austin is a blogger who loves to write about home improvement. She is sociable and kind and loves to decorate almost everything!  In her free time, she enjoys the sunset with her friends at the seashore.  Read her posts at


Guest Post: Change up your Home with these 3 Easy Renovations

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Sometimes we can get bored of the space we live in. Your paint may be starting to fade, maybe you’ve outgrown your decor, or perhaps you just feel like you need to upgrade your furniture.

Home renovation experts Redline suggest that simple renovations can make a huge difference to how you feel about your home.

 Your home should be a place you enjoy spending time. You’re not going to enjoy yourself if you are sick of looking at the same things each and every day.

While most of us may be put off by the difficult process of big renovations due to the price and time they take, this isn’t always the case.

Sometimes small renovations are all we really need in a home to make a huge difference to how we’re living.

The best thing about this is that there is so much advice and ideas available to browse online. Personally I enjoy looking at Pinterest boards for some really creative tips and tricks.

Here are three simple renovations that can make a huge difference to your living space and spice up your life:


Painting has a massive difference to the overall ambience of the room. Depending on the colours you use, you can evoke whatever feeling you decide on.

If you feel like making a relaxing oasis, consider the usage of cooler, softer toned colours. On the other hand if you are after a bright and lively space, feel free to play around with primary colours.

The best thing about painting is that it’s relatively easy to learn how to do. However, it can get messy. Be sure that you protect floors, furniture and other areas you don’t want stained.

Update the Door and Furniture Handles

This is one of my favourite ways of customising furniture and rooms. It’s incredibly cheap and easy to do.

You will be able to find a huge range of handles and hardware and second-hand stores. Personally, I love adding a vintage touch to my rooms.

I find my handles at thrift stores around my town. You can get give them a lick of paint for a more personal approach.

Replace your Curtains

If your curtains are starting to look a bit drab, it may be time to get new ones, or even better, make your own! Curtains are incredibly customisable.

You can really change up a room with these simple additions. Fabric is one of the best ways of updating the look and feel of your living space and there is so many options available out there for you to choose from. Get Looking!

These methods are so simple, easy and low-cost, yet they make such a big difference to the appearance of your home.

You can really create a space you love to be in simply and easily with little home renovations.

Author’s Bio: Hunny is a Freelance writer and home decor enthusiast living in New Zealand.



Guest Post: 5 Colors to Use in Home Decor That Will Speak To Your Soul

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When you approach the stylistic layout of your home, you probably do it in two or three distinctive ways by picking items and hues that look appealing. 

In any case, shading is a capable approach that can be utilized to motivate feelings, make space hallucinations or just set the inclination and air for a specific room.

 Certain things trigger instinctual responses and can influence our mind-sets in the most unpretentious ways.

Blue has constantly been an indication of freshness and class. Blue is cool shading by nature and it works outstandingly with basically any tone whether it’s dull or light.

 Blue is an indication of tranquility, knowledge and security.

Mixing blue with different shades will give your room a sentiment robustness and balance. 

A shading palette that solidifies a rich shade of maritime constrains blue with flawless white accents and astute space will make it an immaculate space for resting and loosening up.


 Grey, is perfect for any room. This straightforward shade can show up either warm or cool and makes the peaceful landscape in a standard, bleeding edge, home or any style room. 

Grey shading is refreshing for its flexibility and refinement. Grey joins with a combination of shades to give easing view or set the perfect scene to pop highlight shading.

 On the off chance that you are joining tones and need an enthusiastic brilliant room you ought to pick high differentiating hues. If you’re hunting down peace then join shades of a relative energy to make a calming impact.


Green is an unprecedented mix of identity and serenity. It is the most relieving shade to the human eye. It includes a general breezy and female feel to the room. It has an extensive variety of tones from lime to mint.

In the event that we consolidate light shades of green with strong hues, it will give the room a crisp and energetic look. 

 Dark green creates a stormy background for various textures in a room. If we use green comforter sets and furniture it will add nature elements to a room.


A majority of people think that pink is a shade for young princess rooms filled with flowers and bears. 

Be that as it may be delicate and controlled pink, similar to red, or beige with pink hints creates a relieving feeling in a room. 

Many shades of pinks have a freshness adored by artists.Pink can be combined with different hues, including chocolate cocoa, dark, mint green, metallic gold and silver and white to make an assortment of inclinations.

 At the point when it is combined with manly tints will create a feminine look. In the event that you don’t like the sweet and sappy look, then don’t overdo with pink, keep lines basic and clean and utilize modern textures.


Yellows, from Maybe Maui to Roasted Chestnut, are springing up all over. Yellow can look sunny and vibrant or glaring and adolescent. 

So picking the correct shade is very important. In some cases, that takes some effort because Yellow is a dubious shading to get perfectly.

 Yellow coating gives room dividers a translucent look. A light-filled room is the ideal contender for a breadth of sunny yellow. 

Matching the brilliant shade with provincial accents gives an exceptional turn to the customary shading.


Author Bio:

 This post is written by Julie Austin. She loves traveling, home decorating and hanging out with her friends. She regularly blogs at




Guest Post: Reasons Why Your Toilet Tank is Leaking 

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One of the biggest problems that most households face is a leaking toilet tank. As a homeowner, it’s crucial to understand the primary causes of toilet tank leaks so as to avoid serious leakage problems in your home and also save on rising water bills.

Most toilet tank leaks are likely due to one of these reasons:

Toilet Flapper Malfunction

Over time, your toilet flapper can break at the hinge or warp and start leaking. A broken, worn, warped, or dirty flapper that doesn’t close tightly enough is one of the main reasons why your toilet tank may be leaking. To identify any of these potential flapper problems, first flush your toilet to drain the water out of the tank. Carefully unhook the flapper from the tank base and have a closer look at its condition.

What to look for:

Discoloration: A sign of warping, meaning flapper replacement is needed.

Breaks in the rubber or plastic: Disconnect the old one and replace with a new one. Select the matching flapper for your toilet tank.

Mineral deposits or debris buildup: Clean off any buildup that may be preventing the flapper from closing properly or functioning as expected.

Chain Problems

If your toilet tank chain is too short, too long, or broken, it could be causing toilet tank leaks. You should check the chain’s connection between the rubber flapper and the flush level.

If the chain is constantly pulling on the flapper even when the flush level is at rest, then your chain is too short. If the lift chain is too long, you’ll need to move the clip down for the correct adjustment.

If that doesn’t fix your leakage problem, you can replace your chain with any aluminum ball chain or one that’s longer. A correctly fixed chain should be loosely floating on the surface.

Cracks in the Holding Tank

Cracked toilet tanks are a common problem in households and in most cases require replacement.

Cracks cause leaks into the toilet bowl as well as your bathroom. If the cracked or damaged holding tank is not replaced, you’ll end up wasting a lot of water, money, and risk significant damage to your floors.

Call a professional and licensed plumber who has worked with expert businesses like the Contractors License Resource Group to replace the toilet tank.

Fix Your Leaking Toilet Tank

Troubleshooting can easily fix most problems with leaking tank toilets. You can also replace parts that are damaged or malfunctioning due to wear after repeated use. If there are persistent leaking problems that cannot be fixed, you may have to consult a certified plumber.

A professional plumber will help you address your leaking problems and offer a variety of services to help mitigate the damage resulting from your leaking toilet tank.

Author Bio:

Shirley Moore is a licensed plumber offering services to homeowners in Los Angeles, California. She has more than 20 years of plumbing experience and owns and manages her own plumbing company. She has a passion for working with homeowners to fix common plumbing problems through simple solutions.

Guest Post: New Home? New Locks.

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Settling into a new home is exciting no matter whether you have moved a few streets or to a new city. Your first course of action is to settle in – unpacking and maybe some decorating and painting. Feeling comfortable in your new home is important, whether you own it or not. Security can seem a bit like an afterthought but it actually affects how comfortable you end up feeling in your new home.


One of the easiest ways to improve your security, especially if you own your new home, is to hire a professional home and auto locksmith to come rekey your home. After all, unless it’s a brand new home, chances are there are multiple previous owners who still have keys. Not including the ones they’ve misplaced since leaving.

The locksmith you hire will likely give you many options for improving the security on your locks, but it really boils down to 2 options: rekeying or replacing. You can choose to have them simply rekey all the locks in your house or completely remove the existing locks and install a new one. Either option will give you a new set of keys in the end. The difference is that replacing the locks will cost more, but it will upgrade your security more than just rekeying. Especially if the old locks are well, old and outdated.


If your house is still fairly new rekeying is a fine way to go and is usually less expensive. In fact, there are articles online that show you how you can do it yourself. But, even if you are handy, when in doubt, hire a professional. Nothing would be worse than locking yourself out of your own home and having to call a locksmith anyway, and that would probably end up costing more than just calling them to rekey in the first place!


Of course another important factor in your choice between new locks and rekeying is simply how the existing looks look. Are they worn? Scratched? Rusted? If so, a new set of locks is the perfect way to spruce up the look of your new home and add another of your own personal touches.


Either way, you can rest easy each night in your new home knowing you and your family are the only “keyholders”.

Enjoy your new home!!!!!!