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Hello Ellablogpedians! It’s another episode of Inspiring Youth of Today. I have an exhilarating youth here with me. 

He’s an actor, making waves in the Nigerian movie industry . Let’s get to know this exciting personality.

Ellablogpedia : Hello, it’s nice to have you on this episode of Inspiring Youth of Today…. For the benefit of Ellablogpedians Could you introduce yourself?   

 Tochi Temple: I’m tochi temple by name

Ellablogpedia: When did you start acting?
 Tochi Temple: My acting career started in 2015.

Ellablogpedia : Has acting always been your passion?

 Tochi Temple: Yeah….It has always been my dream, it was acting or nothing else for me.

 Ellablogpedia : How many movie projects have you undertaken? Could you list a few?

Tochi Temple: Quite a number of them….but I will just list a few

So wrong so right, 

Loco froshboys, 

The return of Abraham….

Now I’m working on my own project…working on my short videos that will be going on TV stations soon.
Still hoping for good sponsorship soon….Smiles

Ellablogpedia: What do you think about the Nigeria Movie Industry?

 Tochi Temple: The industry is a world of its own…that’s all I can say. You have to be consistent to survive in the industry world.

Ellablogpedia: What are the challenges you are facing/faced as an upcoming actor in the Nigeria Movie Industry?

 Tochi Temple: Competition…the competition is very high in the industry.

Whenever you are given an opportunity, make sure you make use of the opportunity well. 

Ellablogpedia: How have you been able to surpass these challenges?

 Tochi Temple: Hardwork and never giving up….learning new things.

 Ellablogpedia: Could you mention a few actors/actresses and directors you have worked with?

 Tochi Temple: Richard, Ngozi Ezeonu, Kayode Abraham , Seun Adeleke and more .

 Ellablogpedia: Are there any actors/actresses or directors you look forward to working with?  

 Tochi Temple: Yeah….Ramsey Noah, Majid Micheal, Eddy Murphy, Nkem Owoh.

 Ellablogpedia: What are the five values you hold dearly?

 Tochi Temple: They are honesty and self believe 

Ellablogpedia: Where do you see yourself in the next five years?  
 Tochi Temple: In the next five years I see my own project sweeping all the awards both national and international.

I see myself in Hollywood too, smiles… 

Ellablogpedia : What advice do you have for upcoming inspiring actors/actresses, like yourself?

 Tochi Temple: Never give up on your dreams….don’t let anything be an hindrance to your goal, no matter what it is or no matter who.

Ellablogpedia: Thank you for taking out time to have this interview.
Tochi Temple:You are most welcome. Please check out my social media handles for some of my short videos 
Facebook page: tochi temple
Instagram: tochi.temple



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 Hello! Welcome to another episode of Inspiring Youth of Today. I have with me an inspiring youth of today, he is a guest writer on Ellablogpedia. 

He’s the writer of Goodbye, The Cottage, Let’s get to know him.

Ellablogpedia: Could you please introduce yourself?

Damilola:  My name is Oluwadamilola David Yusuf, I was born on the 24th of may 1997, the second among four boys and a girl. 

I was born in ketu, Lagos where I completed my primary education in Goshen Nursery and primary school in 2007. 

 In 2008, I started my secondary school education in Vital link international academy in Ifo Ogun State, I moved back to Lagos in 2009 and attended Teenland secondary school in Ketu,Lagos state.

In 2012, I attended Rohi international school when my family finally moved to Ogun state where I completed my secondary school education in 2014. 

I gained admission into the National Open University of Nigeria in 2015 where I presently study mass communication.

Ellablogpedia: When did you start writing?  

Damilola: My first poem was written on the first of October 2013 by then I was in secondary school. 

I would say it was an unexpected invitation because like it happens to me these days, I heard a voice deep within me, as silent as it was still I could hear it coming again and again saying:                                                                                                                      “when I was born, I had a slump,                                                                                                                            No one did tell but I knew I fell”.

At first I wondered what it could mean and I hoped it didn’t have anything to do with what I was about to do, because then I was in the bathroom prepared to have my bath. 

Well, I summoned the long lost courage in me, had a quick wash but I kept on reciting those words even in the middle of my bath till I was out in my room, then I sat and wrote those words out starred for some reasonable minutes and luckily for me, my literature textbook was close by so I grabbed it, flipped through it, found some poems, took my time to read them and I embarked on my own poetic journey. 

I completed the poem on the third day since I found it very difficult to put the necessary words together and it was fiction. 

I just created the story of a little boy whose father has decided to make him a slave at home, started suffering from the day he was born till eventually, the father died. 

I took the poem to school for my friends to see and after a lot of comments I would go back home and try to write about other things. All I had to do was to listen to my mind, get the words, make out my story and give it a title.  

Ellablogpedia: Has writing always been your passion?

Damilola: Not really. I just find anything that is related to arts interesting. When I was a kid I loved drawing so much that my bedroom was filled with papers hanging on the wall, behind the door, on the table and even on the bedpost. 

I still love drawing things though, but it’s not like I did when I was little. Right now writing has the larger part of my heart.  

Ellablogpedia: How do you get ideas for writing?

Damilola: Most times I get my ideas from things I imagined. I just create a scene in my head then I put the pen to work. 

I listen to music a lot, not all music that comes my way though, but the ones which the words rhyme and they help as a guide when I’m putting my words together.

I write about my friends, sometimes myself but if I write about myself or someone else, everything won’t be what really happened, part of it would be fiction.

 I find it difficult to write when I’m not concentrating, when I’m not giving my mind a chance to tell me which way to go, by then if I ever try to put something down on my own I hardly get through the first three lines not to talk of the whole poem. 

I spent a year and eleven months without writing but on the twelfth which should have made it two years, I continued again starting with the poem “goodnight” and I knew poetry was part of me. 

I just write anything my mind tells me to and I find a way to make the words rhyme. Well, I tried and succeeded in writing some poems that the words do not rhyme like “extinction” and still I found them interesting.

Ellablogpedia: How often do you write?

Damilola: I should say twice or thrice a month, sometimes more but it all depends on how much I am listening to myself. Sometimes in a month, I wouldn’t be able to write a poem probably because I’m just too occupied to concentrate.

I may eventually find something to write about, in fact writing in my mind already but I would be busy so all I do is try to remember what the poem was supposed to be about and I write whenever I have time for myself.

Ellablogpedia: Do you see yourself as a goal getter?

Damilola: Yes I do.

Ellablogpedia: What are the five values you hold dearly?

Damilola : cleanliness, perseverance, prayer, humility and hard work.

Ellablogpedia: Do you belong to any organization that support youths in any manner?

Damilola: No I don’t but I would love to.

Ellablogpedia: Who is your mentor? Why is the person your mentor?

Damilola: I really don’t have a mentor because I see all poets as my mentor. Although it’s not every poem I read that I like. I find some poems without rhyme interesting but those ones with rhymes, I love so much.

Ellablogpedia : Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Damilola: I see myself among the notable writers whose works doesn’t dwell within their territories alone but has spread through neighboring countries.

Ellablogpedia: What advice would you give to young writers like you, all over the world, striving for success?  

Damilola : All we need to do is to be focused and determined. No matter how bad or boring people say our articles are we should just keep our inks flowing on the sheets. 

If people say nothing about our writings, either negative or positive then, they don’t worth being read.

Ellablogpedia: Thank you Damilola for taking the timeout to feature on INSPIRING YOUTH OF TODAY. I wish you the best in your writing career.

Damilola: Thank you.

I have come to the end of this episode of INSPIRING YOUTH OF TODAY. 

Please, drop your comments and let me know what you think about this episode. 

Have a lovely day. Thank you for visiting Ellablogpedia.


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Hey Guys! I have pondered for a while on adding a new segment to the blog. I finally came up with an idea and i titled it “INSPIRING YOUTH OF TODAY (IYT)”.

 IYT is an Interview with an inspiring potential youth, who is a writer, a musician, an entrepreneur, an academic, a dancer, a motivational speaker, lawyer, health worker, et al.  

Inspiring Youth of Today is officially opened and my first inspiring youth is the writer of Game Changer, The Indigenous Alien, A Woman’s Hurt, among others. 

 Let’s meet Deji Daodu, A guest writer on Ellablogpedia.


Ellablogpedia: Could you please introduce yourself?

Deji Daodu: I am Daodu Deji Cornelius. A Year three student of Adekunle Ajasin University in the Department of  English and Literary studies.

Ellablogpedia: When did you start writing?

Deji Daodu: I started writing around 2006 in high school. Back then, I started with poems basically.

Ellablogpedia: Is writing your passion?

Deji Daodu: Writing is my passion. I love to write but it’s not my only passion. I love music and art in general.

Ellablogpedia: How do you get ideas for writing? 

Deji Daodu: As for the ideas, i get my ideas from God, my environment, people and the conversations i have with them.

Ellablogpedia: Do you see yourself as a goal getter?

Deji Daodu: Yeah. But to be honest, I am a bit lazy. But when I really want something I can go all out to get it.

Ellablogpedia: Are you in any group that supports the youths in any way?

Deji Daodu: No, I am not.

Ellablogpedia: What are the five values you hold dearly?

Deji Daodu: Punctuality, Fairness, Hard work, Faith, and Prayers. 

Ellablogpedia: Who is your mentor? Why is the person your mentor?

Deji Daodu: I really don’t have a mentor, but I am inspired by certain people such as My Parents, Wole Soyinka, My Lecturers( Prof. Oloruntoba Oju, Mr Tosin Gbogi, Dr. Mekusi) and my school Father, OBJ. 

Ellablogpedia: Do you know what people say about your written works? Do these opinions motivate you to do more or less?

Deji Daodu: Everything people say about my works motivates me, both the good and bad. it drives me to do more, give more. 

Ellablogpedia: Where do you see yourself in five years? 

Deji Daodu: I see myself as an OAP, a poet, a public speaker, a Father, and hopefully, a role model for the youths.

Ellablogpedia: What advice would you give to the youths, all over the world, striving for success? 

Deji Daodu: I’ll tell the youths all over the world to never give up, put God first no matter their religion and always try their hands on new ideas and concepts, because we all can create success.  

Ellablogpedia: Thank you for taking time out to answer these questions. Just keep up the Good work. More Ink to your pen.

Deji Daodu: Thank you.

I hope this gets to inspire youths….Thank you for reading.

Please drop your comments, questions and opinions.