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infinity dream award

I just got nominated for the infinity dreams award (yaaaaay!!!!) and I must say, am still in my wow state.

Thank you AyR Galaxy (Rossy) for nominating me and I really appreciate this. This is my first award and this means a lot to me.

According to the rules I received, I must thank the person who nominated me, state seven dreams and nominate seven bloggers

Listed below are seven of my dreams:

  1. Branding my blog: I would so love to make my blog a brand and also a household name. It has not been easy starting from the scratch to build something of this importance to me. I will make sure I see that ‘ELLABLOGPEDIA’ gets there.
  2. Be a good mother: it’s one thing to birth a child; it’s also another thing to care and nurture a child. I want to be a good mother to my children just as my mom has been a great mom to me.
  3. Be able to swim: I know this sounds silly. But it’s not, I want to overcome my fear for water and be a good swimmer. It actually sucks not knowing how to swim.
  4. My career: I want to fully harness my skills full time into entrepreneurship and be on top of my game.
  5. Education: I would so love to further my education to a higher degree. And study something that interests me.
  6. Cooking: I want my cooking skills to be better than it is now. Not that it sucks; I just would so love to be able to prepare different cuisines aside from the ones I have learnt.
  7. Dancing: Ah… Dancing!. Aside from swimming that I suck at….. I think dancing for me follows suits. I would really love to learn how to dance perfectly well. In my head I think am a great dancer. But am sure with time I will get there.


My seven nominees are:


Thank you Rossy once again for this opportunity.