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I was once a faultless kid,
Carefree about what tomorrow brings.
All I needed was food to eat, 
Friends to play with
And a bed to sleep.
I bragged of millions I’ve never seen, 
Of imminent fame with other kids, 
We sailed on imaginary ships, 
The street harbored the richest kids. 
Funny it was how teachers made it seem 
Like future was just a boy on a swing.
It hurt when I stopped wishing myself sweet dreams 
And transited into the reality.

I heard my buddy was kidnapped,
I felt it was fake, merely a lie. 
He was also a rich kid in my gang, 
We both rode the swing, with future by our side.     
I waited for years but even as I write, 
My rich pal is yet to arrive. 

I had friends that’d once said.
“When the world comes to an end,
We’ll fly together out of earth,
We’ll fly to heaven in our private jets
And keep them in our mansions there.”
The first by a car was knocked dead 
And the other, years after took a bullet in his head. 

I’ve seen friends more brilliant than I ever was,
Roam the streets without aims, no impact yet no faults,
I’ve seen those who thrive effortlessly,
Drowning to the treasures preserved beneath the sea. 
I’ve seen friends more prayerful than I ever could be 
Denied of desired peace and immersed in misery.

I could be among those today has saved
But I know not what tomorrow says. 
Maybe I’ll live or be killed, 
Maybe I’ll into sorrow sway.
Of course no one wishes himself pain,
But it isn’t what we say or choices made, 
The steps we take or how much we pray. 
It’s life, it’s called Grace.

Written by: Damilola Yusuf


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