Guest Post : Lucifer 

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He was but an angel with eyes of gold, eyes that could lit up the darkest soul,  eyes that could melt down the hardest stones.
Eyes that could pierce through to see the truth while you falter to beat around the bush.

Eyes that could make a thousand nightingales sing,  they could make the entire chords of Heaven ring.

Eyes that could peel off dark clouds at a glance they could make earth quiver as it stands. 

Yet, He was an angel with eyes of pride, eyes that envied the position of the most high,  they couldn’t withstand the pain of being made so bright and still would have a superior, this made him grow cold,  and eyes of gold turned around to live coals.

Deceiving, corrupting and burning down souls. Eyes of destruction, formerly eyes of Heaven, eyes of glory now eyes of the devil. 

Written by: Oluwadamilola David Yusuf


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